List of Feasts

Feast Name Date Explanation Code
Brigidae Feb.1 Brigid (Bride), Abbess 14020100 Analysis tool
Burchardi Oct.14 Burchard (Burkhard), Bishop and Confessor 14101410 Analysis tool
Caeciliae Nov.22 Cecilia (Cecily), Virgin Martyr 14112200 Analysis tool
Caeciliae,8 In week after Cecilia 14112208 Analysis tool
Caesarii, Juliani Nov.1 Caesarius and Julian, Martyrs 14110130 Analysis tool
Callisti Oct.14 Callistus (Calixtus) I, Pope 14101400 Analysis tool
Cantiorum May.31 Cantius, Cantianus and Cantianilla, Martyrs 14053100 Analysis tool
Carauni May.28 Caraunus, Deacon and Martyr 14052810 Analysis tool
Catharinae Nov.25 Catherine of Alexandria, Martyr 14112500 Analysis tool
Cathedra Petri Feb.22 Peter's Chair 14022200 Analysis tool
Celsi, Juliani Jan.9 Celsus and Julian, Martyrs 14010900 Analysis tool
Chlodoaldi Sep.7 Chlodoaldus (Cloud), Frankish prince 14090720 Analysis tool
Christinae Jul.24 Christina, Virgin Martyr 14072400 Analysis tool
Christophori Jul.25 Christopher, Martyr 14072510 Analysis tool
Chrysanthi, Dariae Nov.29 Chrysanthus, Daria, Maurus, Martyrs 14112910 Analysis tool
Chrysogoni Nov.24 Chrysogonus, Martyr 14112400 Analysis tool
Clarae Aug.12 Clare of Assisi, Foundress 14081200 Analysis tool
Clementis Nov.23 Clement I, Pope and Martyr 14112300 Analysis tool
Clementis,8 In week after Clement 14112308 Analysis tool
Cleophae Sep.25 Cleophas, father of James the Less 14092510 Analysis tool
Colomanni Oct.13 Coloman, Martyr 14101320 Analysis tool
Columbae Dec.31 Columba of Sens, Virgin Martyr 14123110 Analysis tool
Columbani Nov.23 Columbanus (Columban), Abbot 14112330 Analysis tool
Comm. Apost. p.Sept. Common of Apostles, after Septuagesima 12601000 Analysis tool
Comm. Apostolorum Common of Apostles 12001000 Analysis tool
Comm. Apostolorum TP Common of Apostles, Eastertide 12801000 Analysis tool
Comm. Apostolorum TQ Common of Apostles, Lent 12701000 Analysis tool
Comm. Apostolorum,8 Common of Apostles, in week of 12001008 Analysis tool
Comm. Conj.non.Mart. Common of Holy Matrons (not Martyrs) 12012100 Analysis tool
Comm. Conjung. Mart. Common of Holy Matron Martyrs 12012200 Analysis tool
Comm. Conjungium Common of Holy Matrons 12012000 Analysis tool
Comm. duo. Apost. Common of two Apostles 12001200 Analysis tool
Comm. Evang. TP Common of Evangelists, Eastertide 12811000 Analysis tool
Comm. Evangelistarum Common of Evangelists 12011000 Analysis tool
Comm. pl. Conf. TP Common of several Confessors, Eastertide 12805000 Analysis tool
Comm. pl. Conf.Doct. Common of several Confessors (Doctors) 12005300 Analysis tool
Comm. pl. Conf.Pont. Common of several Confessors (Popes) 12005100 Analysis tool
Comm. plur. Conf. Common of several Confessors 12005000 Analysis tool
Comm. plur. Mart. Common of several Martyrs 12003000 Analysis tool
Comm. plur. Mart. TP Common of several Martyrs, Eastertide 12803000 Analysis tool
Comm. plur. Mart.,8 Common of several Martyrs, in week of 12003008 Analysis tool
Comm. un. Conf.Abb. Common of one Confessor (Abbot) 12004200 Analysis tool
Comm. un. Conf.Doct. Common of one Confessor (Doctor) 12004500 Analysis tool
Comm. un. Conf.Epi. Common of one Confessor (Bishop) 12004300 Analysis tool
Comm. un. Conf.Pont. Common of one Confessor (Pope) 12004100 Analysis tool
Comm. un. Mart.Pont. Common of one Martyr (Pope) 12002100 Analysis tool
Comm. un. Virg.Mart. Common of one Virgin Martyr 12007000 Analysis tool
Comm. unius Abbatis Common of one Abbot 12010000 Analysis tool
Comm. unius Apost. Common of one Apostle 12001100 Analysis tool
Comm. unius Conf. Common of one Confessor 12004000 Analysis tool
Comm. unius Conf. TP Common of one Confessor, Eastertide 12804000 Analysis tool
Comm. unius electe Common of those chosen (not virgins, not martyrs) 12020000 Analysis tool
Comm. unius Mart. Common of one Martyr 12002000 Analysis tool
Comm. unius Mart. TP Common of one Martyr, Eastertide 12802000 Analysis tool
Comm. unius Virg. Common of one Virgin 12007100 Analysis tool
Comm. unius Virg. TP Common of one Virgin, Eastertide 12807100 Analysis tool
Comm. Virg. Mart. Common of several Virgin Martyrs 12006100 Analysis tool
Comm. Virginum Common of several Virgins 12006000 Analysis tool
Comm. Virginum TP Common of several Virgins, Eastertide 12806000 Analysis tool
Comm.Conf.Doc.n.Pon. Common of one Confessor (Doctor, not Pope) 12004800 Analysis tool Common of several Confessors (not Popes), Eastertide 12805200 Analysis tool Pon. Common of several Confessors (not Popes) 12005200 Analysis tool
Comm.un.Con.n.Pon.TP Common of one Confessor (not Pope), Eastertide 12804700 Analysis tool
Comm.un.Con.non Epi. Common of one Confessor (not Bishop) 12004400 Analysis tool
Comm.un.Con.non Pon. Common of one Confessor (not Pope) 12004700 Analysis tool
Comm.un.Con.non Sac. Common of one Confessor (not Priest) 12004600 Analysis tool
Comm.un.Conf.Epi.,8 Common of one Confessor (Bishop), in week of 12004308 Analysis tool
Comm.un.Conf.Pont.TP Common of one Confessor (Pope), Eastertide 12804100 Analysis tool
Comm.un.Mar.non Pon. Common of one Martyr (not Pope) 12002200 Analysis tool
Comm.un.Vir.non Mar. Common of one Virgin (not Martyr) 12007200 Analysis tool
Commem. Dom. Res. Commemoration of Easter (last Sunday before Advent) 09991000 Analysis tool
Commendat. Animae Chants for the commendation of souls 13002000 Analysis tool
Commune BMV Common chants for Mary 12000000 Analysis tool
Commune Pontificis Common of Popes 12018000 Analysis tool
Commune Regum Common of Kings 12009000 Analysis tool
Compassio Mariae TP The Sorrows of Mary, celebrated Friday after third Sun. after Easter 08046010 Analysis tool
Conceptio Jo. Bapt. Sep.24 The conception of John the Baptist 14092430 Analysis tool
Conceptio Mariae Dec.8 Immaculate Conception of Mary 14120800 Analysis tool
Conductus Conductus 16008000 Analysis tool
Conradi Nov.26 Conrad, Bishop of Constance 14112620 Analysis tool
Constantii Jan.29 Constantius, Bishop of Perugia 14012920 Analysis tool
Constantini, Peregr. Jun.15 Constantine and Peregrine, Bishops 14061540 Analysis tool
Conversio Afrae Oct.26 Conversion of Afra 14102610 Analysis tool
Conversio Pauli Jan.25 Conversion of Paul 14012500 Analysis tool
Corbiniani Sep.8 Corbinianus, Abbot and Bishop 14090820 Analysis tool
Cornelii, Cypriani Sep.16 Cornelius and Cyprian, Martyrs 14091600 Analysis tool
Coronae May.14 Corona, Martyr 14051420 Analysis tool
Corporis Christi Corpus Christi (also 'Blessed Sacrament') 09015000 Analysis tool
Corporis Christi,8 In week after Corpus Christi 09015008 Analysis tool
Cosmae, Damiani Sep.27 Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs 14092700 Analysis tool
Crispini,Crispiniani Oct.25 Crispin and Crispinian, Martyrs 14102500 Analysis tool
Cucuphatis Jul.25 Cucuphas, Martyr 14072530 Analysis tool
Cuniberti Nov.12 Cunibertus (Quinibert), Bishop of Cologne 14111210 Analysis tool
Cuthberti Mar.20 Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne 14032000 Analysis tool
Cuthburgae Aug.31 Cuthberga, First Abbess of Wimborne 14083120 Analysis tool
Cyri, Joannis Jan.31 Cyrus and John, Martyrs 14013100 Analysis tool
Cyriaci et Soc. Aug.8 Cyriacus and Companions, Martyrs 14080800 Analysis tool
Cyrici Jun.16 Cyricus and Julitta, Martyrs 14061600 Analysis tool
Cyrici,8 In week after Cyricus 14061608 Analysis tool
Damasi Dec.11 Damasus, Pope 14121100 Analysis tool