I-Fl Conv. sopp. 560

Firenze (Florence), Biblioteca Medicea-Laurenziana, Conv. sopp. 560
Number of chants: 3629

Provenance: Vallombrosa
Date: 1100s
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Firenze (Florence), Biblioteca Medicea-Laurenziana, Conv. sopp. 560

I-Fl Conv. sopp. 560

Late twelfth-century antiphoner from the monastery of Vallombrosa, Italy. Dry-point line with clef. Monastic cursus. 228 folios. Four lacunae; end of manuscript missing?

Liturgical Occasions “at a glance” (refer to the index for complete contents):

Ff. 1r-144r: Winter Temporale and Sanctorale. 1r-7v, First through Second Sundays of Advent; lacuna; 8r, Third Sunday of Advent; 20v, Christmas; 27r, Stephen; 43v, Ferial Office; 77v, Septuagesima; 85v-88v, Ash Wednesday to First Sunday of Lent; lacuna; 89r-106v, Second Sunday of Lent to Palm Sunday; lacuna; 107r, Good Friday; 111v, Easter; 132v, Ascension; 138r, Pentecost.

Ff. 144r-184v: Summer Sanctorale. 144r, John the Baptist; 152r, Paul; 156v-160v, Laurence to Assumption; lacuna; 161r, Beheading of John the Baptist; 169v, All Saints.

Ff. 184v-203v: Common of Saints. Ff. 204r-206v: Dedication of a Church. Ff. 206v-211v: Sundays after Pentecost. Ff. 212r-228v: Summer Histories.

The index follows the Arabic numerals written in the lower right margin as foliation.
Differentiae are assigned arbitrary numbers. Chants not found in CAO have been assigned arbitrary numbers prefixed by “val.”

The computer index was prepared at The Catholic University of America by Keith Glaeske, Charles Downey, and Lila Collamore.