F-VAL 114

Valenciennes, Bibliothèque municipale, 114
Number of chants: 6179

Provenance: Saint-Amand
Date: 1100s
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Valenciennes, Bibliothèque municipale, 114

F-VAL 114

12th-century antiphoner from the monastery of St. Amand, France. Staff notation, with F and C clefs. Monastic cursus. 191 folios.

Liturgical Occasions "at a glance" (refer to the index for complete contents):

Ff. 1-98v: Temporale. 1r, First Sunday of Advent; 13r, Christmas; 16r, Stephen; 30r, Ferial Office; 37r, Septuagesima; 41v, Ash Wednesday; 58r, Maundy Thursday; 63r, Easter; 76r, Ascension; 79r, Pentecost; 82r, Trinity; 84v, Summer Histories; 95r, Sundays after Pentecost.

Ff. 98v-172r: Sanctorale. 98v, Andrew; 103v, Nicasius; 112r, Conversion of Paul; 118r, Amandus; 120v, Octave of Amandus; 123v, Gregory; 129r, Rictrudis; 130r, Cyricus; 132v, Octave of Cyricus; 139v, Mary Magdalene; 142r, Laurence; 158r, Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins; 159v, Dedication of a Church; 162r, All Saints; 169v, Catherine; 171v, George.

Ff. 172v-188r: Common of Saints (172v, Common of Evangelists). Ff. 188r-189v: Office for the Dead. Ff. 189v-191v: Invitatory Tones.

Valenciennes 114 contains several Offices that are not found in CAO, in other sources indexed by CANTUS to date, nor have they been edited in Analecta hymnica: these include Offices for Amandus and Cyricus (as well as seperate Offices for the Octaves of their feasts), and Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins. The Office for Catherine has been edited in Analecta hymnica vol. 26, pp. 197-204.

Differentiae are numbered arbitrarily; all chants not found in CAO are assigned an arbitrary number, prefixed by "sam".

The computer file was prepared at The Catholic University of America by Charles Downey, Denise Gallo, Keith Glaeske, and Lila Collamore.