A-Wn 1799**

Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek - Handschriftensammlung, 1799**
Number of chants: 4585

Provenance: Rein
Date: 1200s
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Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek - Handschriftensammlung, 1799**

A-Wn 1799**

Thirteenth-century Cistercian antiphoner from Stift Rein, Steiermark. Staff notation. Monastic cursus. 250 folios. 29 cm x 40.5 cm.

Liturgical Occasions "at a glance" (refer to the index for complete contents):

Ff. 1a-e: Epistola S. Bernardi De revisione cantus Cisterciensis, et Tractatus cantum quem Cisterciensis Ordinis ecclesiae cantare.

Ff. 1r-111r: Temporale. 1r, Advent; 16v, Christmas; 24r, Epiphany; 30r, Ferial Office; 39v, Septuagesima; 44v, Lent; 71v, Easter; 80v, Ascension; 84, Pentecost; 98r, Trinity; 92v, Summer Histories.

Ff. 110r-185v: Sanctorale. 110r, Stephen; 112v, John the Evangelist; 115r, Holy Innocents; 117v, Agnes; 120v, Conversion of Paul; 124r, Purification; 127v, Agatha; 130v, Peter’s Chair; 130v, Benedict; 134v, Annunciation; 137v, Ambrose; 138r, Mark; 138v, Phillip and James; 140v, Finding of the Cross; 142r, John the Baptist; 145r, Peter; 148v, Mary Magdalene; 149v, Peter in Chains; 149v, Finding of Stephen; 149v, Laurence; 153r, Assumption; 156v, Bernard; 160r, Behaeding of John the Baptist; 161v, Nativity of Mary; 161v, Visitation (marginal addition); 164r, Exaltation of the Cross; 165v, Michael; 169v, All Saints; 174r, Martin; 177v, Cecilia; 180v, Clement; 181, Andrew.

Ff. 185v-211v: Common of Saints.

F. 211v, Dedication of a Church; 216r, Invitatory tones; 221r, Tonary; 223r, Catherine; 225v, Benedict; 228r, Crown of Thorns; lacuna; 232r, 11000 Virgin Martyrs of Cologne; 238r, Corpus Christi; 242r, Annunciation; 243r, Common of one Confessor (not Pope); 244, Canticles; 248v, Common of Many Virgin Martyrs; 249r, Commemoration Chants.

The foliation for this file follows that given by a modern hand in the top right corner of the recto sides of the folios. This foliation begins in the manuscript with the chants for Advent. In the manuscript, the 102nd folio is labelled 101a, and the remaining folios are numbered 102, 103 etc. For sorting purposes, folio 101a is designated 101w in the index and its verso side, 101x. The subsequent folios are numbered as in the manuscript.

There are a number of changes of hand towards the end of the manuscript. Discernible changes of hand occur at the beginning of ff. 223r, 228r, 232r, 242r, 244r, 249r and 249v and partway down ff. 237r and 248v.

The differentiae of each mode have been numbered with a two-digit system: an upper-case letter indicating the final pitch of the differentia and a sequentially-ordered numeral. Chants not found in CAO have been assigned arbitrary numbers beginning with “cis”.

The computer index was prepared by Elizabeth Sander with editorial assistance from Andrew Mitchell at the University of Western Ontario.