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Kansas City, Miller Nichols Library, LaBudde Special Collection, MS 0285 Object 1

Provenance of this fragment is unknown except for generally originating in Spain. It arrived at the LaBudde Special Collection in KC at some point, though there are no records of donor or purchase. There is difficulty in determining office and genres of the included chants more concretely than in studying chant concordances. Rubric for the Magnificat canticle on f. 1r suggests Vespers, though the chant that follows immediately appears to be a Responsory. Investigation of the subtle transfer from the previous folio to 1r may give more clues.


This description has been modified.

Ashland (Oregon, USA), Private collections, D-0pkms(fragment)

Single page, likely from an antiphoner, 468 x 348 mm. Writing area 368x 257. Several chants for Invention of Holy Cross (with Alleluias).

Four line, red staves, seven per page. Square notation with thin hairlines and lines of division; upward virgas.
Text hand is a very precise southern textualis with some prescissa aspects; likely Italian, and 16th century or even later.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Private Collections, F-nmt3 (fragment)

Two pages from a print gradual, re-purposed as the covers of a notebook (probably after the 1966 flooding of Florence.)
As trimmed, 360 x 215 mm, including a 15mm folded-over edge on 3 sides. Written area 330x 200.

Red staves with black square notation. Diamond-shaped neumes for some unaccented syllables, and a "flipped" virga connecting some neumes.
Printed text uses ct ligatures and long s; likely 18th century, though recorded by the seller as 17th.

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