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Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Private collections, D-0xbnf (fragment)

Single leaf from an antiphoner with table of contents and an added chant for Dom 2. post Pascha. 50.0 x 37.7 cm; writing area 38.0x 26.5 cm.
Narrow vertical margins visible. Labeled 144 in upper right. Table of Contents suggests the volume only contained chants for the Temporale.
A late Gothic hand is visible at the top of the fragment, and on the verso; stenciled "print-like" letters are also present. The page has been repurposed and re-decorated at least once.

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, NAL 2444, f.60

Single folio from an antiphoner, North-East France or Rhineland. 305 x 193 mm; writing area 225x 139 mm. Trimmed for use in binding.
14 lines per page; drypoint ruling. Pregothica writing. Red ink initials and rubrics. Messine/Lorraine notation on three (four?)-line drypoint staff with red F line and both F and A clefs.

Rottenburg (Germany), Private collections, D-0f2cr (fragment)

Single page from an antiphoner containing chants for St Francis. 586 x 382 mm ; writing area 426 x 255 mm. Script is Southern Textualis Praescissa. Five-line red staff, square notation; f-clefs are made of three lozenges, and custodes are at a 45-degree angle with upward tails. Very faint lines of division present. First antiphon of Lauds has an initial in blue and red; the second has black penwork. Overall appearance suggests a possible Spanish origin, though the fragment was purchased in Paris. There are insufficient chants present to determine the cursus.

Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Private collections, D-02ryf (fragment)

Single (framed) leaf from a print antiphoner, measuring 40.7 x 25.5 cm; writing area 36.0 x 21.1 cm. Numbered CXXXI in upper right. Five line moveable type staff with Hufnagel notation, both in black; red used for initials and rubrics. Uses both c and f clef (the latter with a zigzag shape), many diagonal dividing lines between words, and a distinctive four-line symbol at the conclusion of the first chant.

Part of a series of chant volumes ("Canto Gregoriano Mogutinus") published in Mainz by Küchler from 1665-1667; this is (likely) the Hebdomedarium, vol.1.

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