List of Feasts

Feast Name Date Explanation Code
Herblandi Oct.18 Hermeland, Abbot of Aindre (Nantes) 14101820 Analysis tool
Hermagorae, Fort.,8 In week after Hermagoras and Fortunatus 14071208 Analysis tool
Hermagorae,Fortunati Jul.12 Hermagoras and Fortunatus, Martyrs 14071200 Analysis tool
Hermetis Aug.28 Hermes, Martyr 14082830 Analysis tool
Hieronimi Sep.30 Jerome, Doctor 14093000 Analysis tool
Hieronimi,8 In week after Jerome 14093008 Analysis tool
Hilariae et Soc. Aug.12 Hilaria, Martyr, Mother of Afra, Matron at Augsburg 14081230 Analysis tool
Hilarii Jan.14 Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, Doctor 14011400 Analysis tool
Hilarionis Oct.21 Hilarion, Abbot 14102120 Analysis tool
Hippolyti Aug.13 Hippolytus, Martyr 14081300 Analysis tool
Huberti Nov.3 Hubert, First Bishop of Liege, Confessor 14110330 Analysis tool
Hugonis Apr.9 Hugo (Hugh), Abbot of Jumièges and Archbishop of Rouen 14040910 Analysis tool
Hugonis TP Apr.9 Hugo, Eastertide 14040980 Analysis tool
Humberti Sep.6 Humbert, Abbot and Bishop 14090600 Analysis tool
Hunegundis Aug.25 Hunegundis, Abbess 14082510 Analysis tool
Hymni Hymns 16007000 Analysis tool
Ignatii Feb.1 Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Martyr 14020110 Analysis tool
In Dedic. Altaris Commemoration of an Altar's Dedication 16011000 Analysis tool
In Dedicat. Eccl. TP Dedication of a Church, in Eastertide 12008080 Analysis tool
In Dedicat. Eccl.,8 In week after Dedication of Church 12008008 Analysis tool
In Dedicatione Eccl. Dedication of a Church 12008000 Analysis tool
In estate General, in summer 10000000 Analysis tool
In Letaniis General, Rogation Days 08068010 Analysis tool
In Letaniis maj. Apr.25 The greater litany; The Major Rogation 08042500 Analysis tool
In temp belli Sarrac Chants in time of war against the Saracens ("In tempore belli contra Sarracenos") 16021000 Analysis tool
In temp pestilentiae Chants in time of the plague 16018000 Analysis tool
In tempore Adventus General, in Advent 01000000 Analysis tool
In tempore Epiph. General, after Epiphany 05000000 Analysis tool
In tempore Nat. General, in Christmastide 03000000 Analysis tool
In tempore Paschae General, Eastertide 08000000 Analysis tool
In tempore Quad. General, in Lent 07000000 Analysis tool
In Triduum General, during the Triduum 07069000 Analysis tool
Inventio Afrae ?? The finding of Afra's relics 17004000 Analysis tool
Inventio Antonini Nov.13 Finding of Antoninus's relics 14111310 Analysis tool
Inventio Crucis May.3 Finding of the Cross 14050300 Analysis tool
Inventio Crucis,8 In week after the Finding of the Cross 14050308 Analysis tool
Inventio Dionysii Apr.22 Finding of Denis's relics 14042200 Analysis tool
Inventio Firmini Jan.15 Finding of Firminus's relics 14011520 Analysis tool
Inventio Stephani Aug.3 Finding of Stephen's relics (First Martyr) 14080300 Analysis tool
Inventio Udalrici ?? The finding of Ulric's relics 17005000 Analysis tool
Invitatoria Invitatory Antiphons or Psalms 16004000 Analysis tool
Ivonis Apr.24 Ivo, 'Bishop of Persia' 14042410 Analysis tool
Jacobi Jul.25 James the Greater, Apostle 14072500 Analysis tool
Jacobi,8 In week after James the Greater 14072508 Analysis tool
Januarii Sep.19 Januarius of Benevento 14091900 Analysis tool
Januarii et Soc. Oct.19 Januarius, Faustus, and Martialis, Martyrs (the 'Three Crowns of Cordova') 14101910 Analysis tool
Joachimi Mar.20 Joachim, the father of Mary 14032010 Analysis tool
Joannis Baptistae Jun.24 John the Baptist 14062400 Analysis tool
Joannis Baptistae,8 In week after John the Baptist 14062408 Analysis tool
Joannis Cassiani Jul.23 John Cassian, Abbot 14072310 Analysis tool
Joannis Chrysostomi Jan.27 John Chrysostom, Doctor 14012700 Analysis tool
Joannis Evang. Dec.27 John the Evangelist 02122700 Analysis tool
Joannis Evang.,8 In week after John the Evangelist 02122708 Analysis tool
Joannis Port. Lat. May.6 John before the Latin Gate 14050600 Analysis tool
Joannis, Pauli Jun.26 John and Paul, Martyrs 14062600 Analysis tool
Josephi Mar.19 Joseph, spouse of Mary 14031900 Analysis tool
Judae Quiriaci May.4 Judas Quiriacus (Cyriacus), Bishop 14050420 Analysis tool
Judoci Dec.13 Judoc, Prince and Hermit 14121330 Analysis tool
Julianae Feb.16 Juliana, Virgin Martyr 14021600 Analysis tool
Juliani Aug.28 Julian of Brioude, Martyr 14082810 Analysis tool
Juliani, Epi. Jan.27 Julian, Bishop of Le Mans 14012710 Analysis tool
Juliani, Hermetis Aug.28 Julian of Brioude and Hermes, Martyrs 14082860 Analysis tool
Justi Oct.18 Justus of Beauvais, Martyr 14101810 Analysis tool
Justi, Epi. Sep.1 Justus, Bishop of Lyons 14090150 Analysis tool
Justinae, Cypriani Sep.26 Justina and Cyprian, Martyrs 14092600 Analysis tool
Justinae, Cypriani,8 In week after Justina and Cyprian 14092608 Analysis tool
Justini Aug.8 Justin, child martyred near Paris 14080810 Analysis tool
Juvenalis May.3 Juvenal, Bishop of Narni 14050320 Analysis tool
Karoli Magni Jan.28 Charlemagne, Emperor and Confessor 14012810 Analysis tool
Kenelmi Jul.17 Kenelm, Prince of Mercian Royal Family 14071710 Analysis tool
Kiliani et Soc. Jul.8 Kilian and Companions, Martyrs 14070810 Analysis tool
Kunegundis Mar.3 Cunegund (Kunegunde), Queen 14030300 Analysis tool
LACUNA Indicates missing page(s) in MS 00000000 Analysis tool
Ladislai Jun.27 Ladislaus, King of Hungary 14062700 Analysis tool
Lamberti Sep.17 Lambert, Bishop of Maestricht 14091700 Analysis tool
Lamberti,8 In week after Lambert 14091708 Analysis tool
Landelini Jun.15 Landelinus, Abbot 14061520 Analysis tool
Landerici Jun.10 Landericus (Landry), Bishop of Paris 14061000 Analysis tool
Launomari Jan.19 Launomarus, Abbot of Corbie 14011930 Analysis tool
Laurentii Aug.10 Laurence, Martyr 14081000 Analysis tool
Laurentii,8 In week after Laurence 14081008 Analysis tool
Lazari Dec.17 Lazarus of Bethany, 'Bp.' Marseilles 14121700 Analysis tool
Lebuini Nov.12 Lebwin (Lebuin, Liafwin, Leafwine), Confessor 14111200 Analysis tool
Leodegarii Oct.2 Leodegarius (Leger), Bishop Martyr 14100200 Analysis tool
Leonardi Nov.6 Leonard, Hermit 14110610 Analysis tool
Leonis Jun.28 Leo the Great, Pope 14062800 Analysis tool
Leonis, Pont. Apr.19 Leo IX, Pope 14041900 Analysis tool
Leonis, Pont., Quad. Apr.19 Leo IX, Pope, when the feast occurs during Lent 14041910 Analysis tool
Leopardi Sep.30 Leopardus, Martyr 14093010 Analysis tool
Leopoldi Nov.15 Leopold, Prince of Austria 14111520 Analysis tool
Leutfredi Jun.21 Leufred (Leufroy), Abbot 14062110 Analysis tool
Liborii Jul.23 Liborius, Confessor and Bishop of Lemans 14072300 Analysis tool
Lini Nov.26 Linus, Bishop of Rome 14112600 Analysis tool
LITURA Indicates an erasure in MS (to be used when the liturgical occasion is unknown) 00000000 Analysis tool
LOCAL:Adriani Sep.8 Adrian, Martyr, as witnessed at Augsburg 14090830 Analysis tool
LOCAL:Afrae Aug.7 Afra, Martyr, as witnessed at Augsburg and Muenster 14080710 Analysis tool
LOCAL:Annae Aug.16 Anne, as witnessed in Muenster (after 1510) 14081650 Analysis tool
LOCAL:Annae,Zutfania Jul.19 Anne, as witnessed at Zutphen 14071900 Analysis tool
LOCAL:Chrysan,Dariae Oct.24 Chrysanthus and Daria, as witnessed at Muenster 14102420 Analysis tool
LOCAL:De corona sp. May.4 Commemoration of the Crown of Thorns in most German dioceses. 14050430 Analysis tool