List of Feasts

Feast Name Date Explanation Code
LOCAL:Hieronimi Sep.28 Jerome, as witnessed in Muenster 14092810 Analysis tool
LOCAL:Sept.Dorm.Eph. Jun.27 Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, as witnessed at Muenster 14062710 Analysis tool
LOCAL:Sulpit.,Sever. Oct.3 Sulpitius (Sulpitianus, Simplicius) and Servilianus, Martyrs, as witnessed at Augsburg 14100310 Analysis tool
LOCAL:Tr.Trium Regum Jul.26 Moving of relics of the Three Kings (the Magi) to Cologne in the 12th Century, as witnessed in Muenster 14072620 Analysis tool
LOCAL:Transl. Serva. Jun.7 Moving of Servatius's relics 14060710 Analysis tool
Lucae Oct.18 Luke, Evangelist 14101800 Analysis tool
Lucae,8 In week after Luke 14101808 Analysis tool
Lucani Oct.30 Lucanus of Gascony, Martyr 14103000 Analysis tool
Luciae Dec.13 Lucy (Lucia), Virgin Martyr 14121300 Analysis tool
Luciae, Germiniani Sep.16 Lucy and Germinianus, Martyrs 14091620 Analysis tool
Luciae,8 In week after Lucy 14121308 Analysis tool
Luciani et Soc. Oct.16 Lucianus and Companions, Martyrs 14101620 Analysis tool
Ludgeri Mar.26 Ludger (Liudger), First Bishop of Muenster 14032600 Analysis tool
Ludmillae Sep.16 Ludmilla, Matron and Martyr 14091630 Analysis tool
Ludovici Aug.25 Louis IX, King of France 14082500 Analysis tool
Ludovici Toul. Aug.19 Louis, Bishop of Toulouse 14081900 Analysis tool
Lupi Sep.1 Lupus (Leu), Bishop of Sens 14090110 Analysis tool
Lupi Bajocensis Oct.25 Lupus, Bishop of Bayeux 14102520 Analysis tool
Macarii Jan.15 Macarius the Elder, Hermit 14011530 Analysis tool
Machabaeorum Aug.1 Holy Maccabees, Martyrs 14080120 Analysis tool
Machuti Nov.15 Maclovius (Malo), Bishop of Aleth 14111510 Analysis tool
Madelgari Jul.14 Vincent (ne Madelgar), Abbot 14071400 Analysis tool
Maglorii Oct.24 Magloire (Maelor), Bishop of Dol 14102400 Analysis tool
Magni Sep.6 Magnus, 'Apostle' of Bavaria 14090610 Analysis tool
Mamerti May.11 Mamertus, Bishop of Vienne 14051100 Analysis tool
Marcelli Sep.4 Marcellus, Martyr 14090420 Analysis tool
Marcelli Parisien.,8 In week after Marcellus of Paris 14110318 Analysis tool
Marcelli Parisiensis Nov.3 Marcellus, Bishop of Paris 14110310 Analysis tool
Marcelli, Apuleii Oct.7 Marcellus and Apulejus, Martyrs 14100710 Analysis tool
Marcelli, Pont. Jan.16 Marcellus I, Pope and Martyr 14011600 Analysis tool
Marcellini, Petri Jun.2 Marcellinus and Peter, Martyrs 14060200 Analysis tool
Marci Apr.25 Mark, Evangelist 14042500 Analysis tool
Marci, Marcellini Jun.18 Mark and Marcellian, Martyrs 14061800 Analysis tool
Marci, Pont. Oct.7 Mark, Pope 14100700 Analysis tool
Margaritae Jul.20 Margaret (Marina), Virgin Martyr 14072010 Analysis tool
Mariae ad Nives Aug.5 Mary of the Snows 14080520 Analysis tool
Mariae Aegyptiacae Apr.2 Mary the Egyptian, Penitent 14040200 Analysis tool
Mariae Mag.,8 In week after Mary Magdalene 14072208 Analysis tool
Mariae Magdalenae Jul.22 Mary Magdalene 14072200 Analysis tool
Marii, Marthae Jan.19 Marius, Martha, et al., Martyrs 14011900 Analysis tool
Marinae Jul.17 Marina, Virgin 14071720 Analysis tool
Mart. sive Conf. TP Common of Martyrs or Confessors, Eastertide 12802300 Analysis tool
Marthae Jul.29 Martha, Virgin 14072930 Analysis tool
Martialis, Apost. Jul.8 Martial, 'Apostle' of Limoges 14070800 Analysis tool
Martialis, Epi. Jun.30 Martial, Bishop of Limoges 14063010 Analysis tool
Martini Nov.11 Martin, Bishop of Tours 14111100 Analysis tool
Martini,8 In week after Martin 14111108 Analysis tool
Materni Sep.19 Maternus, Bishop of Cologne 14091910 Analysis tool
Matris dolorosae Sep.15 The Seven Sorrows of Mary 14091550 Analysis tool
Matthaei Sep.21 Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist 14092100 Analysis tool
Matthaei,8 In week after Matthew 14092108 Analysis tool
Matthiae Feb.24 Matthias, Apostle 14022400 Analysis tool
Maturini Nov.9 Maturin, Priest of Larchant (Sens) 14110930 Analysis tool
Mauri Jan.15 Maurus, Abbot 14011510 Analysis tool
Mauri,8 In week after Maurus 14011518 Analysis tool
Maurilii Sep.13 Maurilius, Bishop of Angers 14091300 Analysis tool
Mauritii Sep.22 Maurice and Companions, Martyrs 14092200 Analysis tool
Maxellendis Nov.13 Maxellendis, Virgin Martyr 14111320 Analysis tool
Maximiliani Oct.12 Maximilian, Bishop of Lorch 14101220 Analysis tool
Maximini May.29 Maximinus, Bishop of Trier 14052900 Analysis tool
Medardi Jun.8 Medard, Bishop of Vermandois 14060800 Analysis tool
Mederici Aug.29 Medericus (Merry), Abbot 14082920 Analysis tool
Meginrati Jan.21 Meinrad, Hermit of Einsiedeln 14012110 Analysis tool
Melori Oct.1 Melorus (Melar, Mylor), Martyr 14100120 Analysis tool
Mennae Nov.11 Mennas, Martyr 14111110 Analysis tool
Michaelis Sep.29 Michael the Archangel (Michaelmas) 14092900 Analysis tool
Milburgae Feb.23 Milburga, Abbess of Wenlock 14022300 Analysis tool
Mildrithae Jul.13 Mildred, Abbess of Minster-in-Thanet 14071310 Analysis tool
Miniatis Oct.25 Minias, Martyr 14102510 Analysis tool
Mirac. Genovefae Nov.26 Commemoration of Genevieve's Miracle 14112610 Analysis tool
Modesti Feb.12 Modestus, Martyr 14021210 Analysis tool
Monicae May.4 Monica, Mother of Augustine 14050440 Analysis tool
Mustiolae, Irenaei Jul.3 Mustiola and Irenaeus, Martyrs 14070310 Analysis tool
Narcissi Oct.29 Narcissus, Bishop of Gerona 14102900 Analysis tool
Nat. Innocentium Dec.28 Holy Innocents 02122800 Analysis tool
Nat. Innocentium,8 In week after Holy Innocents 02122808 Analysis tool
Nativitas Domini Dec.25 Christmas Day 02122500 Analysis tool
Nativitas Domini,8 In week after Christmas 02122508 Analysis tool
Nativitas Mariae Sep.8 Birthday of Mary 14090800 Analysis tool
Nativitas Mariae,8 In week after Birthday of Mary 14090808 Analysis tool
Nazarii, Celsi Jul.28 Nazarius and Celsus, Martyrs 14072800 Analysis tool
Nicasii Dec.14 Nicasius, Bishop Martyr of Reims 14121400 Analysis tool
Nicasii et Soc. Oct.11 Nicasius of Rouen, alleged Bishop of Rouen 14101130 Analysis tool
Nicolai Dec.6 Nicholas of Bari, Bishop of Myra 14120600 Analysis tool
Nicolai,8 In week after Nicholas 14120608 Analysis tool
Nicomedis Sep.15 Nicomedes, Martyr 14091530 Analysis tool
Nicomedis, Valeriani Sep.15 Nicomedes and Valerianus, Martyrs 14091540 Analysis tool
Nominis Jesu Jan.14 The Holy Name of Jesus 14011430 Analysis tool
Oct. Adalberti Apr.30 Octave of Adalbert 14043000 Analysis tool
Oct. Apost, Die 3 Jul.8 The third day after the Octave of Peter and Paul 14070820 Analysis tool
Oct. Apostolorum,8 In week after Octave of Peter and Paul 14070608 Analysis tool
Oct. Ascens. Domini Octave of Ascension 08075000 Analysis tool
Oct. Dedicat. Eccl. Octave of Dedication of Church 12008100 Analysis tool
Oct. Joannis Evang. Jan.3 Octave of John the Evangelist 02010300 Analysis tool
Oct. Justinae, Cypr. Oct.3 Octave of Justina and Cyprian 14100300 Analysis tool
Oct. Marcel. Paris. Nov.10 Octave of Marcellus, Bishop of Paris 14111000 Analysis tool
Oct. Nat. Innocent. Jan.4 Octave of Holy Innocents 02010400 Analysis tool
Oct. Om. Sanctorum Nov.8 Octave of All Saints' Day 14110810 Analysis tool
Oct. Philippi,Jacobi May.8 Octave of Philip and James, Apostles 14050830 Analysis tool
Oct.Corporis Christi Octave of Corpus Christi 09025000 Analysis tool