Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Cantus Manuscript Database

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cantus Manuscript Database and Cantus Index

  • What is the difference between Cantus Index and Cantus Manuscript Database?
    • Cantus Manuscript Database (CMD) is a "manuscript database" containing indices of medieval manuscript and early printed sources. Every chant in the CMD has reference to the Cantus Index (CI) via Cantus ID number.
    • Cantus Index (CI) is a simple list of chants according their Cantus ID number.
    • CI is used for:
      • assigning new Cantus ID numbers to newly discovered chants
      • gathering concordances from manuscript database such as CMD.
      • generating automatic synoptic tables from the manuscript databases
    • No manuscript references are included directly in CI.
    • CI replaced the former "Master chant table" in the older version of the Cantus Manuscript Database.

Proofreading form

  • How can I edit the incipit?
    • You will find no editable "Incipit" field in CANTUS. Incipit is generated automatically from the "Standardised full text" field. Edit Fulltext field instead and the incipit will be updated automatically.
    • NOTE: The incipit in the proofreading form is not updated immediately after editing the Fulltext field.