Tutorial for Cantus contributors | Cantus Manuscript Database

Tutorial for Cantus contributors

Step 1: Contact us to set up your Cantus account

Please send an email to Debra Lacoste at debra.lacoste@dal.ca.


Step 2: Sign into your Cantus account

After our reply you will get an automatic email (please check your SPAM folder as well). The email will include the link for your first login.





After your initial login, please use the login form at the bottom of the page.



Step 3: Add new source

After your login, click on "Add new source" in the right block.
A source edit form will appear. Required fields are:
Full Manuscript Identification
Includes city, archive and shelf-mark of the manuscript.
An abbreviation modeled on RISM + shelf-mark.
A list of RISM sigla is available at
Find your name in the list of editors and select it by clicking on it.


After saving the new source, click on the "Add new chant" link in the "Source edit options" menu in the right block.





The chant edit form will appear (Folio and Sequence are automatically filled in but can be edited if necessary).

Use the Cantus Input Tool in the right block:

Enter any text string in the box and click Search ID.

(Partial words are also searchable - in our example, only custod is filled in.)




A new window with search results will appear.

If the full text of the chant in your manuscript is identical or remarkably similar to a chant in the new window, click the Ok button.




The window with the search results will disappear and you will be returned to the chant edit form.

Genre, Cantus ID and Full text are now automatically filled in according to the chant you selected in the previous window.

Please complete all the other fields according to the manuscript and click Save at the bottom of the form.


Read more about the fields and their content at cantusdatabase.org/description.