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Feast Name Description Date Feast Code
Abdonis, Sennis Abdon and Sennen, Martyrs Jul.30 14073000
Acacii et sociorum Acacius and Companions, Martyrs Jun.22 14062220
Ad Suffragium Memorial chants 15000000
Adalberti Adalbert of Prague, Bishop and Martyr Apr.23 14042310
Adalberti,8 In week after Adalbert 14042318
Adalhardi Corbeiensis Adalard (Adalhard) of Corbie, Abbot Jan.2 14010220
Adalheidae Adelaide, Empress Dec.16 14121600
Adriani Adrian, Martyr Sep.10 14091000
Adventus Ewaldorum Arrival of the Ewald brothers' relics (heads) in Muenster Oct.29 14102910
Adventus Walburgae The Departure of Walburga from England (to found a religious house in Bischofsheim) Aug.4 14080410
Aegidii Aegidius (Giles), Abbot Sep.1 14090100
Aemigdii, Episc. et Martyr Emygdius (Emidius), Bishop Martyr Aug.5 14080530
Aemiliani Cucullati Aemilianus Cucullatus, Confessor, Relics in San Millan de la Cogolla 14111220
Afrae Afra, Martyr Aug.5 14080500
Agapiti Agapitus, Martyr Aug.18 14081800
Agapiti,8 In week after Agapitus 14081808
Agathae Agatha, Virgin Martyr Feb.5 14020500
Agathae,8 In week after Agatha 14020508
Agnetis Agnes, Virgin Martyr Jan.21 14012100
Agnetis Assisiensis Agnes of Assisi, younger sister to Clare 14111610
Agnetis secundo The memory of Agnes ("a remnant of an ancient octave," Holweck, p. 33) Jan.28 14012840
Agnetis,8 In week after Agnes 14012108
Aichardi Aichardus (Achard, Aichadrus, Aycadrius), Abbot Sep.15 14091520
Albani, Mart. Albanus (Alban) of Mainz, Martyr Jun.21 14062100
Alberti Albert of Trapani, Confessor and Carmelite Friar Aug.7 14080720
Alberti Magni Albert the Great (Albertus Magnus), Bishop of Regensburg and "Doctor Universalis" Nov.15 14111550
Albini, Epi. Albinus (Aubin), Bishop of Angers Mar.1 14030100
Aldegundis Aldegundis, Virgin Jan.30 14013000
Alexandri et sociorum Alexander and Eventius, Martyrs May.3 14050310
Alexis Alexis, the Man of God Jul.17 14071700
Aloisii Gonzagae Aloysius (Luigi) Gonzaga, Confessor, Patron of youthful Catholic students Jun.21 14062120
Alphonsi Mariae de Ligorio Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church Aug.2 14080210
Amandi Amand (Amandus), Bishop Feb.6 14020620
Amati Amatus, Bishop of Sens Oct.19 14101900
Amatoris Amator (Amatre), Bishop of Auxerre May.1 14050130
Ambrosii Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Doctor Apr.4 14040400
Ambrosii TP Ambrose, Eastertide Apr.4 14040480
Anastasii Anastasius the Persian, Martyr Jan.22 14012210
Andreae Andrew, Apostle Nov.30 14113000
Andreae Avellini Andrew, Avellino (Lancelotto), Confessor Nov.10 14111010
Andreae Corsini Andrew Corsini, Carmelite "apostle of Florence" Feb.4 14020400
Andreae,8 In week after Andrew 14113008
Angelae Mericiae Angela Merici, Virgin, Foundress of the Ursuline Order of Nuns May.31 14053120
Angeli Custodis For Guardian Angels Oct.2 14100220
Aniani Anianus (Aignan), Bishop of Orleans Nov.17 14111710
Annae Anne, Mother of Mary Jul.26 14072610
Annuntiatio Mariae Annunciation of Mary (Lady Day) Mar.25 14032500
Annuntiatio Mariae, Dom. infra oct. Sunday after Annunciation of Mary 14032501
Annuntiatio Mariae,8 In week after Annunciation of Mary 14032508
Annuntiatio TP Annunciation of Mary, Eastertide Mar.25 14032580
Anselmi Anselm, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church Apr.21 14042100
Ansgarii Anskar, Bishop and Confessor Feb.3 14020310
Antonii Antony, Abbot Jan.17 14011700
Antonii Mariae Claret Antonio Maria Claret y Clara, Bishop, Confessor, Spanish Prelate and Missionary Oct.23 14102330
Antonii Mariae Zaccaria Antonio Maria Zaccaria, Confessor, Founder of the Clerks Regular of St. Paul (Barnabites) Jul.5 14070500
Antonii Patavini Anthony of Padua, Doctor Jun.13 14061300
Antonini Antoninus, Martyr Sep.2 14090200
Antonini Episcopi Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence May.10 14051010
Apollinaris Apollinaris, Bishop of Ravenna Jul.23 14072320
Apolloniae Apollonia, Virgin Martyr Feb.9 14020900
Appar. Michaelis Appearing of Michael the Archangel May.8 14050800
Aquilae, Priscae Aquila and Prisca, Virgin Martyrs Jan.18 14011810
Arbogasti Argentoratensis Arbogast, Bishop of Strasbourg Jul.21 14072120
Aredii Nivernensis Aredius (Aregius, Arigius, Agricius, Aré) of Nevers, Bishop Aug.16 14081660
Arnulfi Arnulf, Bishop of Metz Aug.16 14081600
Arnulfi Metensis Arnulfus (Arnoul), Bishop of Metz Jul.18 14071810
Assumptio Mariae Assumption of Mary Aug.15 14081500
Assumptio Mariae,8 In week after Assumption of Mary 14081508
Athanasii Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria May.2 14050200
Attalae Attala (Atala, Attalia, Attale) of Strasbourg, first abbess of convent of St Stephen Dec.3 14120310
Auberti Aubert (Aubertus), Bishop of Cambrai Dec.13 14121310
Audoeni Audoenus (Ouen), Bishop of Rouen Aug.24 14082410
Audomari Audomarus (Omer), Bishop Sep.9 14090920
Augustini Augustine, Bishop and Doctor Aug.28 14082800
Augustini Cant. Augustine (Austin), of Canterbury May.26 14052610
Augustini, conv. Conversion of Augustine, Bishop and Doctor May.5 14050510
Augustini,8 In week after Augustine 14082808
Aureae Aurea, Abbess in Paris Oct.4 14100410
Aureae Ostiensis Aurea (Chryse) of Ostia Aug.24 14082430
Aureliae Argentoratensis Aurelia, Virgin (4th century) Oct.15 14101510
Austremonii Austremonius (Stremoine), Bishop, Martyr, Apostle of Auvergne 14110160
Aviti Avitus, Abbot and Confessor, born at Aurillac Jun.17 14061720
Baboleni Babolenus, Abbot Jun.26 14062610
Babylae Babylas, Martyr, 12th Bishop of Antioch Jan.24 14012420
Babylae Pampilonensis Babylas, Bishop of Pamplona Oct.30 14103020
Balbinae Balbina, Virgin Martyr Aug.28 14082850
Balthildis Balthildis (Bathildis), Queen Jan.30 14013010
Barbarae Barbara, Virgin Martyr Dec.4 14120400
Barbati Barbatus (Barbas), Bishop of Benevento Feb.19 14021900
Barnabae Barnabas, Apostle Jun.11 14061100
Bartholomaei Bartholomew, Apostle Aug.24 14082400
Basilicae BMV de Martyribus Ulyssipponensis, in dedicatione Dedication of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Martyrs, Lisbon May.13 14051320
Basilidis et Soc. Basilides and Companions, Martyrs Jun.12 14061200
Basilii Basil of Ancyra, Martyr Jan.2 14010200
Basilii, Doct. Basil the Great, Doctor Jun.14 14061400
Bavonis Bavo (Aldowin, Allowin) of Ghent Oct.1 14100140
Bedae The Venerable Bede, Doctor May.26 14052600
Benedictae Benedicta, Virgin Martyr Oct.8 14100810
Benedicti Benedict, Abbot Mar.21 14032100
Benedicti TP Benedict, Eastertide Mar.21 14032180
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