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List of Feasts

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Feast Name Description Date Feast Code
Ad aquam benedictio Chants for the blessing of water 16010000
Ad aspersionem aquae benedictae For the sprinkling of Holy Water 16023000
Ad aspersionem aquae benedictae TP For the sprinkling of Holy Water in Eastertide 16023080
Ad Benedicite Antiphons for the Benedicite canticle 16001000
Ad Benedictus Antiphons for the Benedictus canticle 16002000
Ad Completorium For Compline 16006000
Ad lavandum altaria Chants for the washing of the altar 16024000
Ad Magnificat Antiphons for the Magnificat canticle 16003000
Ad Mandatum At the Mandatum (Foot-Washing) 07065010
Ad Missam Mass chants appearing as a group 16012000
Ad Nunc Dimittis Antiphons for the Nunc Dimittis canticle 16005000
Ad Nunc Dimittis TP Antiphons for the Nunc Dimittis canticle, Eastertide 16005080
Ad Processionem For Processions 16009000
Ad visitandum infirmum Chants for the visiting of the sick 16013000
Additamenta Added or Miscellaneous Items To be used when the feast designation is unknown/unknowable because it was not provided by the scribe(s). 17001000
Antiphonae Majores Great 'O' Antiphons 01048010
Ascensio Domini Ascension Thursday 08065000
Ascensio Domini,8 In week after Ascension 08065008
Ascensionis Domini, in vigilia Eve of Ascension 08064001
Benedictio crucis Chants for the blessing of the cross 16048000
Circumcisio Domini The circumcision of Christ Jan.1 02010110
Commem. Dom. Res. Commemoration of Easter (last Sunday before Advent) 09991000
Compassio Mariae TP The Sorrows of Mary, celebrated Friday after third Sun. after Easter 08046010
Conductus Conductus 16008000
Corporis Christi Corpus Christi (also "Blessed Sacrament") 09015000
Corporis Christi,8 In week after Corpus Christi 09015008
De caritate Chants for charity 16025000
De consecratione caemeteriorum For the consecration of cemeteries 16046000
De Esdras Summer Histories, from Esdras 10700000
De Esther Summer Histories, from Esther 10600000
De festis duplicibus Chants for feasts of duplex rank 16016000
De festis duplicibus majoribus Chants for feasts of duplex major rank 16016002
De festis duplicibus majoribus TP Chants for feasts of duplex major rank in Eastertide 16016082
De festis duplicibus minoribus Chants for feasts of duplex minor rank 16016001
De festis duplicibus minoribus TP Chants for feasts of duplex minor rank in Eastertide 16016081
De festis semiduplicibus Chants for feasts of semiduplex rank 16015000
De festis semiduplicibus TP Chants for feasts of semiduplex rank in Eastertide 16015080
De festis simplicibus Chants for feasts of simple rank 16039000
De festis sollemnibus Chants for solemn feasts 16051000
De Job Summer Histories, from Job 10300000
De Judith Summer Histories, from Judith 10500000
De Machabaeis Summer Histories, from Maccabees 10800000
De Prophetis Summer Histories, from the Prophets 10900000
De quinque vulneribus Christi The Five Wounds of Christ (celebrated on the Friday after the octave of Corpus Christi in Mainz and on a variety of other days in different locations) 09026000
De Regum Summer Histories, from Kings 10100000
De Sancta Lancea The Holy Lance; on the Friday after the Octave of Easter 08026010
De Sapientia Summer Histories, from Wisdom 10200000
De Tobia Summer Histories, from Tobias 10400000
De Trinitate Trinity Sunday 09011000
De Trinitate,8 In the week after Trinity Sunday 09011008
Die 2 p. Epiphaniam 1st day after Epiphany (2nd day "of" Epiphany) Jan.7 05010700
Die 3 a. Nat. Domini The third day before Christmas Dec.23 02122300
Die 3 p. Epiphaniam 2nd day after Epiphany (3rd day "of" Epiphany) Jan.8 05010800
Die 4 p. Epiphaniam 3rd day after Epiphany (4th day "of" Epiphany) Jan.9 05010900
Die 5 a. Nat. Domini The fifth day before Christmas Dec.21 02122100
Die 5 p. Epiphaniam 4th day after Epiphany (5th day of Epiphany) Jan.10 05011000
Die 5 p. Nat. Domini 4th day after Christmas Dec.29 02122900
Die 6 p. Epiphaniam 5th day after Epiphany (6th day "of" Epiphany Jan.11 05011100
Die 6 p. Nat. Domini 5th day after Christmas Dec.30 02123000
Die 7 p. Epiphaniam 6th day after Epiphany (7th day "of" Epiphany) Jan.12 05011200
Die 7 p. Nat. Domini 6th day after Christmas Dec.31 02123100
Dom. 1 Adventus 1st Sunday of Advent 01011000
Dom. 1 p. Epiph.,8 In the week following the 1st Sunday after Epiphany 05011018
Dom. 1 p. Epiphaniam 1st Sunday after Epiphany (Sunday within the octave of Epiphany, 'Dom. Infra Oct. Epiph.') 05011010
Dom. 1 p. Pent. 1st Sunday after Pentecost 09011010
Dom. 1 Quadragesimae 1st Sunday of Lent 07011000
Dom. 10 p. Pent. 10th Sunday after Pentecost 09101000
Dom. 10 p. Pent.,8 In 11th week after Pentecost 09101008
Dom. 11 p. Pent. 11th Sunday after Pentecost 09111000
Dom. 11 p. Pent.,8 In 12th week after Pentecost 09111008
Dom. 12 p. Pent. 12th Sunday after Pentecost 09121000
Dom. 12 p. Pent.,8 In 13th week after Pentecost 09121008
Dom. 13 p. Pent. 13th Sunday after Pentecost 09131000
Dom. 13 p. Pent.,8 In 14th week after Pentecost 09131008
Dom. 14 p. Pent. 14th Sunday after Pentecost 09141000
Dom. 14 p. Pent.,8 In 15th week after Pentecost 09141008
Dom. 15 p. Pent. 15th Sunday after Pentecost 09151000
Dom. 15 p. Pent.,8 In 16th week after Pentecost 09151008
Dom. 16 p. Pent. 16th Sunday after Pentecost 09161000
Dom. 16 p. Pent.,8 In 17th week after Pentecost 09161008
Dom. 17 p. Pent. 17th Sunday after Pentecost 09171000
Dom. 17 p. Pent.,8 In 18th week after Pentecost 09171008
Dom. 18 p. Pent. 18th Sunday after Pentecost 09181000
Dom. 18 p. Pent.,8 In 19th week after Pentecost 09181008
Dom. 19 p. Pent. 19th Sunday after Pentecost 09191000
Dom. 19 p. Pent.,8 In 20th week after Pentecost 09191008
Dom. 2 Adventus 2nd Sunday of Advent 01021000
Dom. 2 p. Epiph. 2nd Sunday after Epiphany 05021000
Dom. 2 p. Epiph.,8 In the week following the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany 05021008
Dom. 2 p. Pascha 2nd Sunday after Easter 08031000
Dom. 2 p. Pascha,8 In 3rd week after Easter 08031008
Dom. 2 p. Pent. 2nd Sunday after Pentecost (also "Dom. 1 p. Oct. Pent.") 09021000
Dom. 2 p. Pent.,8 In 3rd week after Pentecost 09021008
Dom. 2 Quadragesimae 2nd Sunday of Lent 07021000
Dom. 20 p. Pent. 20th Sunday after Pentecost 09201000
Dom. 20 p. Pent.,8 In 21st week after Pentecost 09201008
Dom. 21 p. Pent. 21st Sunday after Pentecost 09211000
Dom. 21 p. Pent.,8 In 22nd week after Pentecost 09211008
Dom. 22 p. Pent. 22nd Sunday after Pentecost 09221000
Dom. 22 p. Pent.,8 In 23rd week after Pentecost 09221008
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