Call for proposals to the Historiae series

The series 'Historiae' is devoted to the edition of medieval saints' offices. It is published for the Study Group 'Cantus Planus' of the International Musicological Society and appears as part of the series 'Musicological Studies' at the Institute of Mediæval Music (Kitchener Ontario) under the supervision of Debra Lacoste. 'Historiae' was created by David Hiley. Its first volume was published in 1995; today the series comprises of 27 volumes. Present series editors are Zsuzsa Czagany, Barbara Haggh, and Roman Hankeln. Earlier members of the editiorial board were Ruth Steiner and László Dobszay.

The editors are looking forward to proposals which should consider the general form and content of the existing Historiae volumes. These volumes contain a) an introduction with information about the cult of the saint, the sources used, the history of the repertory, the musical style(s) and b) a transcription of the chants, including lessons and the Venite- and Te Deum-tones. A translation of the texts is optional but welcome.

For new proposals please contact Roman Hankeln: