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Feast Name Description Date Feast Code
Dom. infra oct. Edithae Sunday within the octave of Edith 14091641
Dom. p. Assumptionem Sunday after Assumption of Mary 14081501
Dom. p. Ded. Eccl. Sunday after Dedication of a Church 12008001
Dom. p. Gaugerici Sunday after Gaugericus 14081111
Dom. p. Jacobi Sunday after James the Greater 14072501
Dom. p. Jo. Bapt. Sunday after John the Baptist 14062401
Dom. p. Mariae Mag. Sunday after Mary Magdalene 14072201
Dom. p. Martini Sunday after Martin 14111101
Dom. p. Nat. Mariae Sunday after Birthday of Mary 14090801
Dom. p. Rel. Ved. Sunday after Return of Vaast's relics 14071501
Dom. p. Tr. Vedasti Sunday after Vaast's Translation 14100501
Dom. p. Vedasti Sunday after Vaast 14020601
Dom.p.Om.Sanctorum Sunday after All Saints' Day 14110101
Dominici Dominic, founder of the Order of Friars Preachers Aug.4 14080430
Dominici Dominic, founder of the Order of Friars Preachers Aug.8 14080820
Dominici,8 In week after Dominic 14080438
Dominici,8 In week after Dominic 14080828
Donati Donatus, Bishop of Arezzo Aug.7 14080700
Donatiani Donatianus, Bishop of Reims Oct.13 14101310
Dorotheae Dorothy, Virgin Martyr Feb.6 14020610
Dunstani Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury May.19 14051920
Duodecim Fratrum Twelve Brothers, Martyrs Sep.1 14090140
Eadburgae Eadburga, Abbess at Winchester Jun.15 14061530
Edithae Edith (Eadgith) of Wilton, Virgin, Daughter of King Edgar 14091640
Edithae,8 In week after Edith 14091648
Edmundi Edmund, King and Martyr Nov.20 14112000
Edmundi Archiepiscopi Edmund of Abingdon (Edmund Rich), Archbishop of Canterbury Nov.16 14111620
Edwardi, Conf. Edward III, Confessor, King of England (son of Ethelred the Unready) Oct.13 14101330
Edwardi, Conf., de morte Death of Edward III, Confessor, King of England (son of Ethelred the Unready) Jan.5 14010520
Edwardi, Mart. Edward "the Martyr" (son of King Edgar the Peaceful) Mar.18 14031810
Edwardi, Mart., transl. Moving of Edward the Martyr's relics (son of King Edgar the Peaceful) Jun.20 14062010
Egberti Egbert of Iona, Bishop Apr.24 14042400
Egwini Egwin, Bishop of Worcester Dec.30 14123000
Egwini,8 In week after Egwin 14123008
Elev. Elis. Hung. Elevation of Elizabeth's relics May.2 14050210
Elev. Elis. Hung.,8 In week after Elizabeth's Elevation 14050218
Elevat. Auberti Elevation of Aubertus's relics Jan.24 14012410
Elevat. Gaugerici Elevation of Gaugericus's relics Sep.24 14092400
Elevatio Amandi Elevation of Amand's relics Sep.20 14092000
Eliae Elijah, Prophet Jul.20 14072020
Eliae,8 In week after Elijah 14072028
Eligii Eligius (Eloi), Bishop of Noyon Dec.1 14120100
Elisabeth Hung. Elizabeth of Hungary, and of Thuringia, Widow Nov.19 14111900
Elisabeth Hung.,8 In week after Elizabeth of Hungary 14111908
Elisabeth Reginae Portugalliae Elisabeth (Isabel), Widow, Queen of Portugal Jul.8 14070830
Elisei Elisha, Prophet Jun.14 14061410
Elisei,8 In week after Elisha 14061418
Emerentianae Emerentiana, Virgin Martyr Jan.23 14012300
Emerici Emeric, Confessor, Son of King Stephen of Hungary 14110500
Emmerami Emmeramus, Bishop Sep.22 14092210
Erasmi Erasmus, Bishop and Martyr Jun.3 14060300
Erici Eric IX of Sweden, King and Martyr May.18 14051800
Eskilli Eskill, Bishop of Northanscog and Martyr Jun.12 14061220
Ethelwoldi Ethelwold, Bishop of Wincester Aug.1 14080130
Eucharii Eucharius, First Bishop of Trier Dec.8 14120810
Eugenii Eugene, Martyr, Disciple of Denis Nov.15 14111500
Eulaliae Emeritensis Eulalia of Mérida, Virgin Martyr Dec.10 14121010
Euphemiae Euphemia, Virgin and Martyr Sep.16 14091610
Eupli, Leucii Euplus, Deacon Martyr; and Leucius, Bishop Confessor Aug.12 14081210
Eusebii Eusebius of Rome Aug.14 14081400
Eusebii Episcopi Eusebius, Bishop of Vercelli 14121610
Eustachii Eustachius (Eustace), Martyr Nov.2 14110200
Eustachii Eustachius (Eustasius, Eustace), Martyr Sep.20 14092010
Eustratii et Soc. Eustratius et al, Martyrs Dec.13 14121350
Euticii Euticius (Eutice, Euthycius), Martyr May.15 14051500
Eutropii Eutropius, Bishop of Saintes, Martyr Apr.30 14043010
Evurtii Evurtius (Euvert), Bishop Sep.7 14090700
Exalt. Crucis,8 In week after Holy Cross Day 14091408
Exaltatio Crucis Holy Cross Day (Exaltation of the Cross) Sep.14 14091400
Exceptio Marcelli Reception of the Relics of Pope Marcellus I at Cluny Jan.5 14010540
Exspectationis BMV The Expectation of Mary (The Expectation of the Birth of Jesus) Dec.18 14121810
Fabiani, Sebastiani Pope Fabian and Sebastian, Martyrs Jan.20 14012000
Faustini, Jovitae Faustinus and Jovita, Martyrs Feb.15 14021500
Felicis Felix, Bishop and Martyr (falsely called Pope Felix II) Jul.29 14072900
Felicis Nolani Felix of Nola, Confessor Jan.14 14011410
Felicis Valesius Felix of Valois, Confessor, Founder of the Trinitarians Nov.20 14112010
Felicis, Adaucti Felix and Adauctus, Martyrs Aug.30 14083000
Felicis, Pont. Felix I, Martyr and Pope May.30 14053000
Felicis, Regulae Felix and Regula, Martyrs Sep.11 14091110
Felicissimi, Agapiti Felicissimus and Agapetus, Marytrs Aug.6 14080620
Felicitatis Felicitatis, Matron and Martyr Nov.23 14112310
Fidei et Soc. Faith and Companions, Martyrs Aug.1 14080140
Fidis Fides (Faith, Foy), Virgin Martyr Oct.6 14100600
Findani Findan (Fintan) of Rheinau, Benedictine Hermit Nov.15 14111530
Firmi, Rustici Firmus and Rusticus, Martyrs Aug.9 14080920
Firmini Firminus, Bishop Martyr Sep.25 14092500
Firmini,8 In week after Firminus 14092508
Florentii, Episc. Florentius, Bishop of Strasbourg Nov.7 14110710
Flori Florus, Bishop of Lodève Nov.4 14110400
Floriani Florian, Martyr May.4 14050400
Florini Florinus, Confessor and Priest Nov.17 14111720
Foliani Foillan (Folianus), Abbot Oct.31 14103110
Fortunatae et sociorum Fortunata (Virgin Martyr), and her brothers Carponius, Evaristus, and Priscianus Oct.14 14101420
Fortunatae et sociorum,8 In week after Fortunata 14101428
Franchae Franca Visalta, Virgin and Abbess, at Piacenza Apr.27 14042700
Franciscae Romanae Frances of Rome, Widow, Matron and Foundress of the Oblates of Tor de' Specchi in Rome; Mar.9 14030910
Francisci Francis of Assisi Oct.4 14100400
Francisci Borgiae Francis Borgia (Borja), Confessor, Third General of the Society of Jesus Oct.10 14101030
Francisci Carracciolo Francis (Ascanio) Carracciolo, confessor (canonized in 1807) Jun.4 14060400
Francisci de Paola Francis de Paola (also "de Paula") Confessor, founder of the Order of the Minims Apr.2 14040220
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