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Feast Name Description Date Feast Code
Francisci Salesii Francis de Sales, Confessor, Bishop of Geneva and Doctor of the Church (canonized 1665) Jan.29 14012930
Francisci Xaverii Francis Xavier, Confessor, Apostle of India and Japan (canonized in 1622) Dec.3 14120300
Francisci,8 In week after Francis of Assisi 14100408
Fructuosi Archiepiscopi Bracharensis Fructuosus, Archbishop of Braga Apr.16 14041610
Fursei Fursey, Abbot Jan.16 14011610
Fusciani, Gentiani Fuscian and Gentian, Martyrs Dec.11 14121110
Gabrielis Gabriel Dec.10 14121000
Gabrielis, Archang. Gabriel the Archangel Mar.18 14031800
Galli Gall, Hermit Oct.16 14101600
Galli,8 In week after Gall 14101608
Gangulfi Gangulfus (Gengoul, Gangulf, Gengulf, Gangulphus, Gangolfus, Gengulfus), Martyred Knight May.11 14051110
Gatiani Gatian, Bishop of Tours Dec.18 14121800
Gaudentii Gaudentius, Bishop of Novara Jan.22 14012220
Gaugerici Gaugericus (Gery), Bishop Aug.11 14081110
Gaugerici,8 In week after Gaugericus 14081118
Gemmae Gemma, Virgin Aug.16 14081610
Genesii Genesius, Martyr Aug.25 14082530
Genovefae Genevieve (Genovefa), Virgin Jan.3 14010300
Genulfi Genulf (Gendulf, Genou), "Bishop" Nov.13 14111330
Georgii George, Martyr Apr.23 14042300
Georgii, Adalberti George and Adalbert, Martyrs Jun.20 14062000
Geraldi Gerald of Aurillac Oct.13 14101300
Geraldi Archiepiscopi Bracharensis Gerald (Girald), Archbishop of Braga Dec.5 14120510
Gerardi Gerard Sagredo, Bishop of Csanad & Martyr Sep.24 14092440
Gereonis et Soc. Gereon and Companions, Martyrs Oct.10 14101000
Germani Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre Jul.31 14073100
Germani Capuanae Germanus, Bishop of Capua Oct.30 14103030
Germani Parisien. Germanus (Germain), Bishop of Paris May.28 14052800
Germani, Vedasti Germanus and Vedastus, Confessors Oct.1 14100110
Gertrudis Gertrude the Great, Cistercian nun and mystic writer Nov.17 14111730
Gertrudis Nivellensis Gertrude of Nivelles, Virgin Mar.17 14031700
Geruntii Italicensis, Epi. Geruntius, Bishop of Italica (Talco), near Seville Aug.25 14082540
Gervasii, Protasii Gervase and Protase, Martyrs Jun.19 14061900
Gisleni Gislenus (Ghislain), Abbot Oct.9 14100910
Goaris Goar, Hermit Jul.6 14070610
Godehardi Godehard (Gothard), Bishop of Hildesheim May.4 14050410
Gordiani, Epimachi Gordian and Epimachus, Martyrs May.10 14051000
Gorgonii Gorgonius, Martyr Sep.9 14090900
Gratiarum Actionis Thanksgiving Oct.10 14101020
Gregorii Gregory the Great, Pope and Doctor Mar.12 14031200
Gregorii Thauma. Gregory the Wonderworker, Bishop Nov.17 14111700
Gregorii, Mart. Gregory of Spoleto, Martyr Dec.24 14122400
Gudulae Gudula, Virgin Jan.8 14010810
Guthlaci Guthlac, Hermit of Croyland Apr.11 14041100
Hadulfi Hadulf, Abbot and Bishop of Arras May.19 14051900
Hedwigis Hedwig, Matron and Duchess of Silesia Oct.16 14101640
Helari, Tatiani Hilary (Bishop of Aquileia) and Tatianus, Martyrs Mar.16 14031600
Helenae Helen, Finder of the True Cross, Mother of Constantine the Great Aug.18 14081830
Helenae Schedviensis Helen of Skoefde (Sweden), Martyr Jul.31 14073110
Henrici Henry of Uppsala, Bishop and Martyr, Patron Saint of Finland Jan.19 14011940
Henrici Imperatoris Henry II, Confessor; German King and Roman Emperor; died Jul.13, 1024 Jul.13 14071300
Herblandi Hermeland, Abbot of Aindre (Nantes) Oct.18 14101820
Herculani Perusini Herculanus, Martyr, Bishop of Perugia Mar.1 14030120
Hermagorae, Fort.,8 In week after Hermagoras and Fortunatus 14071208
Hermagorae,Fortunati Hermagoras and Fortunatus, Martyrs Jul.12 14071200
Hermetis Hermes, Martyr Aug.28 14082830
Hieronimi Jerome, Doctor Sep.30 14093000
Hieronimi,8 In week after Jerome 14093008
Hilariae et Soc. Hilaria, Martyr, Mother of Afra, Matron at Augsburg Aug.12 14081230
Hilarii Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, Doctor Jan.14 14011400
Hilarii Arelatensis Hilary (Hilarius or Hilarus), Archbishop of Arles, Confessor May.5 14050500
Hilarionis Hilarion, Abbot Oct.21 14102120
Hildegardis Bingensis Hildegard of Bingen, Abbess Sep.17 14091701
Hippolyti Hippolytus, Martyr Aug.13 14081300
Huberti Hubert, First Bishop of Liege, Confessor Nov.3 14110330
Hugonis Hugo (Hugh), Abbot of Jumieges and Archbishop of Rouen Apr.9 14040910
Hugonis Episc. Lincolniensis Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln Nov.17 14111740
Hugonis TP Hugo, Eastertide Apr.9 14040980
Humbelinae Humbelina (Humbleline), matron, sister of Bernard of Clairvaux Feb.12 14021200
Humberti Humbert, Abbot and Bishop Sep.6 14090600
Hunegundis Hunegundis, Abbess Aug.25 14082510
Ignatii Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Martyr Feb.1 14020110
Ildefonsi Ildephonsus, Archbishop of Toledo Jan.23 14012301
Imerii Imerius (Himerius) of Immertal, monk, hermit, and missionary in the Swiss Jura Nov.12 14111240
In Dedicat. Eccl. TP Dedication of a Church, in Eastertide 12008080
In Dedicat. Eccl.,8 In week after Dedication of Church 12008008
In Dedicatione Eccl. Dedication of a Church 12008000
In dedicatione S. Mariae Commemoration of the date when Boniface IV dedicated the Pantheon in Rome to the service of God in the name of "S. Mariae semper Virginis et omnium Martyrum" May.13 14051310
In transitu Francisci Anniversary of the death of Francis of Assisi Oct.3 14100330
Ingenuini et Albuini Ingenuinus (Genuinus), Bishop of Seben in Tyrol, and Albuinus, Bishop of Brixen Feb.5 14020510
Inventio Antonini Finding of Antoninus's relics Nov.13 14111310
Inventio Crucis Finding of the Cross May.3 14050300
Inventio Crucis,8 In week after the Finding of the Cross 14050308
Inventio Dionysii Finding of Denis's relics Apr.22 14042200
Inventio Firmini Finding of Firminus's relics Jan.15 14011520
Inventio Francisci The finding of Francis's relics Dec.12 14121220
Inventio Stephani Finding of Stephen's relics (First Martyr) Aug.3 14080300
Irenes Irene of Santarém (Portugal) Oct.20 14102010
Isabelle Isabel, Virgin, Sister of King Louis IX of France (daughter of King Louis VIII), founder of a convent at Longchamp Sep.1 14090160
Ivonis Ivo, Bishop of unknown origin (Persia?), came to England in the 7th century Apr.24 14042410
Ivonis de Kermartin Ivo of Kermartin (Yves Hélory, Yvo, Ives) May.19 14051930
Iwigii Iwigius (Ywi, Iwig, Ivi, Ywy, Ivy, Iwie), Deacon, Hermit, of Lindisfarne Oct.8 14100860
Jacobi James the Greater, Apostle Jul.25 14072500
Jacobi, miracula Miracles of James (in wars under Alfonso VI and Sancho) Oct.4 14100420
Jacobi,8 In week after James the Greater 14072508
Januarii Januarius of Benevento Sep.19 14091900
Januarii et Soc. Januarius, Faustus, and Martialis, Martyrs (the "Three Crowns of Cordova") Oct.19 14101910
Joachimi Joachim, the father of Mary Mar.20 14032010
Joannis Abbatis Reomensis John of Réome, abbot Jan.28 14012830
Joannis Baptistae John the Baptist Jun.24 14062400
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