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Connecticut USA, Private collections, D-0b3z1

US-RiCTpc D-0b3z1
Five parchment fragments comprising approximately half a leaf from a gradual, probably from the late-thirteenth century, used in eighteenth-century book bindings. Possibly Cistercian. Square notation on a red four-line staff. Current area is approximately 200x125 mm, with each individual piece approximately 63 mm on each side.

This reconstructed parchment leaf is composed of five fragments that are part of a series of musical binding materials ("The Ridgefield Project"). The parchment was used to bind volumes of the "Histoire Ecclesiastique pour servir de continuation à celle de Monsieur l'Abbé Fleury" (Paris, Pierre-Jean Mariette, 1720-1730). (See This half folio is composed of several binding pieces ("Group A") from Volumes 11, 14, and 22 of the Histoire, published in 1720, 1726, and 1727).

Together, the fragments form approximately half a folio from a gradual, likely dating from the thirteenth century. One portion contains chants apparently for a Marian votive mass; the other gives incipits for a series of other votive masses. The listed votive masses, the chants used, and even the relative locations of the chants referenced within the volume, are all consistent with Cistercian sources, suggesting the same provenance as the antiphoner fragments used in the same bindings.

Current area is approximately 200x125 mm, with each individual piece approximately 63 mm on each side. Based on other pieces, the original dimensions of the page were likely ~230-250 mm across, but the height has not yet been established.

The fragments from the Ridgefield Project are:

Group A (Gradual):

Group B (Antiphoner):

Group C (Antiphoner):

Group D (Antiphoner): (not yet published on Fragmentarium)

Group E (Antiphoner): (not yet published on Fragmentarium)

Group F (Antiphoner):

Group G (Antiphoner):

Group H (Antiphoner):

Group I (Antiphoner):

Group J (Antiphoner): (No chant contents)

Group K (Antiphoner):

Groups L-O, from the Gradual, are yet to be published on Fragmentarium.
In addition, several other fragments possibly pertaining to the same institution(s) were part of the same bindings. appears to be a 17th century table of contents or reading, while the many fragments of have not yet been identified.

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Fragmentarium: Gradual (Cistercian) (Fragment), Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum (

Notes on the Inventory
The fragments in Connecticut USA, Private collections, D-0b3z1 were inventoried by Anna de Bakker (Dalhousie University) and proofread by Debra Lacoste (Dalhousie University). This item was contributed by the Ridgefield Fragments Project, a private collection of over 100 pieces of musical and textual manuscript recovered during restoration from the spines of 25 18th-century French books. The owner, who may be contacted via email at, expresses his thanks for the support of the DACT team and wider academic community.
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