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Rouen, Bibliothèque municipale, 248 (olim A. 339)

F-R 248
Thirteenth-century antiphoner from Jumièges; Sanctorale only. 260 x 175 mm. Norman notation on four-line staves; 17r-26v and 102r-103v, square notation on 5-line staves; 139v, square notation on 4-line staves. Monastic cursus. 178ff.
Liturgical Occasions

Ff. 1-139v: Sanctorale. 1r, Purification (begins at Prime); 1v, Agatha; 6v, Valentine; 8r, Peter’s Chair; 10r, Gregory; 14v, Benedict; 19r, Annuntiation; 22v, Hugh of Rouen (Hugo); 23r, Common of Martyrs in Easter; 26r, Mark; 26r, Philip and James; 27v, Invention of the Cross; 29v, Constantinus and Peregrinus; 30v, Vigil and Feast of John the Baptist; 35v, John and Paul; 36v, Peter and Paul; 42r, Paul; 47r, Translation of Benedict; 48r, Peter’s Chains; 50v, Invention of Stephen; 55r, Laurence; 59v, Tiburtius; 60r, Hippolytus; 61r, Assumption; 67v, Philibert; 72v, Audoenus (Ouen); 77r, Beheading of John the Baptist; 80r, Ordination of Gregory; 80v, Nativity of Mary; 84v, Exaltation of the Cross; 87r Aichardus (Aycadre); 91v, Maurice; 96r, Michael; 101r, Denis; 106r, All Saints; 110, Benignus; 114v, Martin; 120r, Brice; 121r, Cecilia; 125r, Clement; 127r, Andrew; 131v, Nicholas; 135v, Lucy; 139v, Louis.
Ff. 140r-171r: Common (162v, Common of an Abbot). 171r, Valentine; 172r, Constantinus and Peregrinus; 173v, Invitatories; 176v, Hymns; 178v, incipits for responsories and verisicles in the Common.


Facsimiles are found in Hesbert (1954): Hesbert’s plates LXXVI-VII are fol. 67v-68r from the office of Philibert and plates LXXVIII-IX are fol. 121v-122r from the office of Cecilia. Hesbert places the antiphoner in Jumièges and the manuscript contains a number of saints which support this provenance. These include Hugh (archbishop of Rouen and abbot of Jumièges, 7th-8th century), Constantine (bishop of Beauvais and monk of Jumièges, 7th century), Philibert (founder of Jumièges, 7th century), Ouen (bishop of Rouen, 7th century), and Aycadre (Philibert's successor as abbot). The differentiae are labelled with a letter-number combination (the letter indicates the final pitch of the differentia, and the number is arbitrarily assigned).

Selected Bibliography

  • Hesbert, René Jean. Les Manuscrits Musicaux de Jumièges. Vol. 2, Monumenta Musicae Sacrae. Mâcon: Protat Frères, 1954.

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The inventory for F-R 248 was prepared by Andrew Mitchell, with editorial assistance by Debra Lacoste at The University of Western Ontario.
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