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New York, Columbia University - Barnard College Library, MS 1

US-NYcub Barnard 1
Mid-fourteenth-century Franciscan antiphoner from central Italy (possibly Siena). Square notation on a red four-line staff with F- and C-clefs. Seven staves per page, except for the last two quires (pp. 279-308), which have eight staves per page. Cathedral cursus. 154 paginated parchment folios (308 pages), 55.1 x 38.4 cm. Principal writing space 41 x 26.8 cm (42.5 x 28 on pp. 279-308.)

Pp. 1-182: Common of saints. 1, apostles; 23, one martyr; 42, many martyrs; 67, confessor bishops; 89, confessor bishop; 90, confessors; 111, virgins; 132, virgin; 132, chosen (neither virgin nor martyr; 137, Dedication of the Church; 158, for the dead.

Pp 183-275: Corpus Christi and Franciscan feasts. 183, Corpus Christi; 209, Margaret of Cortona; 210, Commemoration of Francis; 211, Translation of Francis; 247, Anthony of Padua.

Pp. 275-308: additions, 275, various antiphons; 277, Benedicamus domino; 279, Venite exsultemus.

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The inventory for US-NYcub Barnard 1 was prepared by Martha Culshaw (Dalhousie University) with proofreading by Alessandra Ignesti (McGill University). The manuscript description was written by Susan Boynton (Columbia University) based on one written by Consuelo Dutschke (Columbia University).
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