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CDN-Mlr MS Medieval 0065 (fragment)
One leaf from a gradual, late 14th-century Italian, on vellum. Square notation in black ink on red four-line staff. 531x317 mm.
Liturgical Occasions



Fragmented leaf from a gradual.

Italian, late 14th century (15th century?), on vellum, with marginal decoration in a variety of inks, tempera and gold leaf.

Square notation on four-line, red ink-drawn staves. The fragment is framed and glued on a board. 7 staves, with large historiated initial S (the Virgin with monks) in lines 3-4.

According to Holland, the style, decoration, coloring and dimensions point to a common source with CDN-Mlr MS 0064, described by Leesti (Liturgical Manuscripts, p. 35, no 7). MS 0065 has been described by Farquhar-Montpetit in "Canada Collects the Middle-Ages," pp. 73-74, no 77.

The fragment contains part of the Introit for the Marian votive Mass from Purification to Advent: "Salve Sancta parens, enixa puerpera Regem qui celum terramque regit...".

Decoration: The large historiated initial is the first letter of the word Salve and contains the Virgin, in a blue-coloured mantle, protecting with it seven, white dressed, kneeling monks. Farquhar-Montpetit suggests a Cistercian origin. The figures stand on green ground while the white, scroll-containing initial lies on a square, with gold leaf contour.
A two and one half quarter border occupies part of the upper, the whole left and almost the whole of the lower margin. It is foliated, containing tweesting acanthus leaves in blue, light-blue, green, red, white and yellow colors. A large number of bezants, single or in triads, with short yellow comet tails, surround the decorated borders or stem from the foliated elements of it. From a green bud, in the lower border, stems a male head, seen from the front, wearing a blue hood-like head cover.

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