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Montréal, McGill University - Rare Books and Special Collections - Manuscript Collection, MS Medieval 0218 (fragment)

CDN-Mlr MS Medieval 0218 (fragment)
Antiphonal, one leaf, mid-16th century. No musical notation.
Liturgical Occasions

Ferial office.


"Mid-16th century. Unknown origin. Vellum, with inks and tempera. From an Antiphonal. 575x376 mm., writing surface 460x270 mm. One leaf with musical notation on the recto, on five-line, red ink drawn, musical notation carrying staves. Rubrics in red ink. Text in light-brown ink.

Decoration and Contents: r. Ad Vespera. Ad Magnificat - Antiphon: (musical notation) Respexisti humilitatem meam Domine Deus meus.....(Ps. XXX, 8). Feria Quinta, ad Vesperas. Antiphons (musical notation) Et omnis memento Domine Evovae Blue and red initials on the staves, at the beginning of the antiphons. Number 9 in red, on the top right corner of the recto side. v. Feria Quinta, on top of the page. Memento Domine David et omnis mansuetudinis eius.... Ecce audivimus eam in Ephrata, invenimus eam in campis sylvae (Ps. CXXXI, 1-6) One-line blue and red initials at the beginning of each paragraph. Nine-line large initial (M) in blue and red inks. Poor execution. On square ground, filled with red ink drawn straight lines; between its stems the initial contains acanthus leaves in blue ink, as well as limited branchwork extending through the upper part of the stems towards the top corners of the ground and ending in two rose buds. Two acanthus leaves are drawn below the lower part of the stems, half in blue and half in white, with brown lines drawn in the white section. A 012 mm., wide, margin bounds the square ground. It contains white curvilinear patterns, mostly in scroll form, created by the distribution of the red ink upon the margin's space."

(Holland, Anne Marie, compiler. "MS Medieval 24". Long Descriptions Ms Medieval Manuscript Antiphonals, Missals and Graduals. Digitization and Cataloguing Project- Antiphonals, Missals and Gradual. Updated December 6, 2018), 34.

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