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North Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada), Private collections, D-02csu (fragment)

CDN-NVanBCpc D-02csu (fragment)
Single parchment leaf in private ownership. Square notation in black-brown ink on red 5-line staves, with F- and C-clefs. Use of custodes at the ends of the staves.
Liturgical Occasions

Contains a sequence for the BVM.


Single parchment leaf in a frame with both sides visible. Purchased at a book shop in Nurnberg in 1972; scant provenance information. Currently in private ownership in British Columbia, Canada.

Recto side is labeled CxCv = fol. 195r.

Each side has 7 lines of text in rotunda script with a narrow aspect, and square notation on 5-line red staves. The "G" at the start of each verse alternates red and blue, with the first being more decorated. Fol. 195r has additional decoration of swirls and flowers in blue and gold in the left and top margin.

The text is a sequence on the Joys of the Virgin, set to a variant of "Veni Sancte Spiritus." Two distinctive variants in the sequence text are:
"Gaude quia oblatio...filio" and "Gaude quia paraclitus...collegio."

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