Dom. 1 p. Epiph.,8

Dom. 1 p. Epiph.,8

In the week following the 1st Sunday after Epiphany

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The most frequent chants

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CantusID Incipit Genre Chants
g00624 Dicit dominus implete hydrias aqua Cm 3
g00622 Alleluia Laudate deum omnes angeli Al 3
g00620 Misit Dominus verbum suum et Gr 3
g00619 Omnis terra adoret te deus In 3
g00620a Confiteantur domino misericordiae ejus et GrV 3
g00619a Jubilate deo omnis terra psalmum InV 2
g00623 Jubilate Deo universa terra jubilate Of 2
909000 Gloria* V 1
g00623.1 Jubilate Deo universa terra psalmum Of 1

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