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List of Feasts

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Feast Name Description Date Feast Code
Bernardini Senensis Bernardinus degl' Albizzeschi of Siena, Confessor 14052010
Bernardini Senensis, transl. Moving of relics of Bernardinus degl' Albizzeschi of Siena May.17 14051710
Bernwardi Episcopi Hildesheimensis Bernward, Bishop of Hildesheim Nov.20 14112020
Birgittae Bridget of Sweden, Matron Oct.8 14100840
Blasii Blaise, Bishop of Sebastea, Martyr Feb.3 14020300
Blasii,8 In week after Blaise 14020308
BMV a Rosario Our Lady of the Rosary Oct.7 14100730
BMV ab Exilio Our Lady of Exile (on the third Sunday after Epiphany) 15031050
BMV de Bono Consilio Our Lady of Good Counsel Apr.26 14042600
BMV de Guadalupe Our Lady of Guadalupe Dec.12 14121210
BMV de Monte Carmelo Our Lady of Mount Carmel 14071610
BMV de Perpetuo Succursu Our Lady of Perpetual Help Jun.27 14062730
BMV Immaculatae a Sacro Numismate Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Nov.27 14112700
Bonaventurae Bonaventure, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church Jul.14 14071420
Bonifacii Boniface, Archbishop and Martyr Jun.5 14060500
Bononii Bononius, Abbot, Disciple of Romuald 14083010
Botuidi Botwid, Martyr Jul.28 14072820
Botulphi Botulph, Abbot, founder of Ikanhoe monastery 14061710
Briccii Brice, Bishop of Tours Nov.13 14111300
Briccii,8 In week after Brice 14111308
Brigidae Brigid (Bride), Abbess Feb.1 14020100
Brunonis Abbatis Bruno, Abbot, Founder of the Carthusian Order Oct.6 14100610
Burchardi Burchard (Burkhard), Bishop and Confessor Oct.14 14101410
Caeciliae Cecilia (Cecily), Virgin Martyr Nov.22 14112200
Caeciliae,8 In week after Cecilia 14112208
Caesarii Arelatensis Caesarius, Archbishop of Arles Aug.27 14082700
Caesarii, Juliani Caesarius and Julian, Martyrs Nov.1 14110130
Callisti Callistus (Calixtus) I, Pope Oct.14 14101400
Camilli de Lellis Camillus de Lellis, Confessor, Founder of the Canons Regular of a Good Death (Infirmis Ministrantium) Jul.18 14071820
Candidi Candidus, Martyr, at Innichen, diocese of Brixen, Tyrol 14120110
Canici Cainnech of Aghaboe (Canice, Cannicus, Kenneth, Kenny), Abbot Oct.11 14101140
Cantiorum Cantius, Cantianus and Cantianilla, Martyrs May.31 14053100
Caprasii, Abb. Caprasius, Abbot of Lerins 14060110
Caprasii, Mart. Caprasius, Martyr, of Agen 14102000
Carauni Caraunus, Deacon and Martyr May.28 14052810
Castuli Castulus, Martyr 14032610
Catharinae Catherine of Alexandria, Martyr Nov.25 14112500
Catharinae Bononiensis Catharine of Bologna, Poor Clare and mystical writer (canonized 1712) 14030920
Catharinae Senensis Catherine of Siena 14042920
Cathedra Petri Peter's Chair Feb.22 14022200
Celsi Treverensis Celsus, Confessor, reputed 5th Bishop of Trier (Treves) Jan.4 14010400
Celsi Treverensis, invent. Finding of Celsus of Trier's relics (in 980) Feb.23 14022320
Celsi, Juliani Celsus and Julian, Martyrs Jan.9 14010900
Chlodoaldi Chlodoaldus (Cloud), Frankish prince Sep.7 14090720
Chlotildis Regina Chlothildis (Clotilda, Clotilde), Queen of France Jun.3 14060310
Christinae Christina, Virgin Martyr Jul.24 14072400
Christophori Christopher, Martyr Jul.25 14072510
Chrysanthi, Dariae Chrysanthus, Daria, Maurus, Martyrs Nov.29 14112910
Chrysogoni Chrysogonus, Martyr Nov.24 14112400
Clarae Clare of Assisi, Foundress Aug.12 14081200
Claudii commentariensis, Symphoriani, Nicostrati et sociorum Claudius, his sons Felicissimus and Symphorianus, his brother Victorinus, and Castor the brother of the jailer Nicostratus, Roman Martyrs Jul.7 14070740
Clementis Clement I, Pope and Martyr Nov.23 14112300
Clementis Metensis Clement, first Bishop of Metz Nov.23 14112340
Clementis,8 In week after Clement 14112308
Cleophae Cleophas, father of James the Less Sep.25 14092510
Colomanni Coloman, Martyr Oct.13 14101320
Columbae Columba of Sens, Virgin Martyr Dec.31 14123110
Columbani Columbanus (Columban), Abbot Nov.23 14112330
Comm. Apostolorum Common of Apostles 12001000
Comm. Apostolorum et Evangelistarum Common of Apostles and Evangelists 12019000
Comm. Apostolorum post Septuagesima Common of Apostles, after Septuagesima 12601000
Comm. Apostolorum sive Martyrum TP Common of Apostles or Martyrs, Eastertide 12801100
Comm. Apostolorum TP Common of Apostles, Eastertide 12801000
Comm. Apostolorum TQ Common of Apostles, Lent 12701000
Comm. Apostolorum,8 Common of Apostles, in week of 12001008
Comm. Conjungium Common of Holy Matrons 12012000
Comm. Conjungium Martyrum Common of Holy Matron Martyrs 12012200
Comm. Conjungium non Martyrum Common of Holy Matrons (not Martyrs) 12012100
Comm. duorum Apostolorum Common of two Apostles 12001200
Comm. Evangelistarum Common of Evangelists 12011000
Comm. Evangelistarum TP Common of Evangelists, Eastertide 12811000
Comm. plurimorum Apostolorum in vigilia Eve of Apostles 12001010
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum Common of several Confessors 12005000
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum et Doctorum Common of several Confessors (Doctors) 12005300
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum non Pontificum Common of several Confessors (not Popes) 12005200
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum non Pontificum TP Common of several Confessors (not Popes), Eastertide 12805200
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum Pontificum Common of several Confessors (Popes) 12005100
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum TP Common of several Confessors, Eastertide 12805000
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum Common of several Martyrs 12003000
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum in vigilia Eve of several Martyrs 12003010
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum in vigilia Eve of several Martyrs 12003010
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum in vigilia Eve of several Martyrs 12003010
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum non Virginum Common of several Martyrs (not Virgins) 12003100
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum TP Common of several Martyrs, Eastertide 12803000
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum,8 Common of several Martyrs, in week of 12003008
Comm. plurimorum Virginum Common of several Virgins 12006000
Comm. plurimorum Virginum in vigilia Eve of several Virgins 12006010
Comm. plurimorum Virginum Martyrum Common of several Virgin Martyrs 12006100
Comm. plurimorum Virginum non Martyrum Common of several Virgins (not Martyrs) 12006200
Comm. plurimorum Virginum TP Common of several Virgins, Eastertide 12806000
Comm. Pontificis Common of Popes 12018000
Comm. Regum Common of Kings 12009000
Comm. unius Abbatis Common of one Abbot 12010000
Comm. unius Apostoli Common of one Apostle 12001100
Comm. unius Apostoli in vigilia Eve of one Apostle 12001110
Comm. unius Confessoris Common of one Confessor 12004000
Comm. unius Confessoris Abbatis Common of one Confessor (Abbot) 12004200
Comm. unius Confessoris et Doctoris Common of one Confessor (Doctor) 12004500
Comm. unius Confessoris et Doctoris non Pontificis Common of one Confessor (Doctor, not Pope) 12004800
Comm. unius Confessoris et Episcopi Common of one Confessor (Bishop) 12004300
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