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Budapest, Egyetemi Könyvtár (University Library), lat. 119

H-Bu lat. 119
Franciscan Antiphoner. Fourteenth century. 485 x 335 mm. Square notation on a four-line staff. Cathedral cursus. 129 folios, including eleven interpolated leaves (ff. 1a-1b, 17, 23, 29, 69, 71-2, 101, 125-7); one lacuna.
Liturgical Occasions

F. 1a: Te deum (begins on the verso--1b--and continues on the recto).
Ff. 1-128: Summer Temporale. 1r, Easter; 40v, Ascension; 48v, Pentecost; 60r, Summer Histories (Kings only); 73r-84r, Sundays after Pentecost; 84r-90v, Summer Histories (Wisdom); lacuna; 91r-128v, Summer Histories (Job to Prophets).


Together, these four manuscripts record the Office for the entire liturgical year. The history of these manuscripts is little known before they were acquired by the University Library of Budapest during the reign of Joseph II of Hungary (1780-90). That they were used by the Franciscan Order, however, is clear from a number of inscriptions in the manuscripts, and the occurrence of saints especially venerated by that order (i.e., Peter of Alcantara, Anthony of Padua, Clare, and Francis of Assisi). The Office of Anthony of Padua appears in full in Analecta hymnica, vol. 5, pp. 126-9; the Offices for Clare and Francis appear in the same volume, pp. 157-60 and 175-8, respectively. The Office for Elizabeth of Hungary appears in full in Analecta hymnica , vol. 25, pp. 253-8. An edition of the text and music has been published by Barbara Haggh.

The differentiae of each mode have been numbered with a two-digit system: an upper-case letter indicating the final pitch of the differentia and a sequentially ordered numeral. Differentiae that vary in terms only of immediately repeated notes, presence/absence of liquesence or neumation are give the same differentia code, but are distinguished with a lowercase letter in the first column of the “Extra” field (see the Widescreen File Description).

Chants not found in CAO have been assigned arbitrary numbers beginning with "fra". The codes for differentiae and chants not found in CAO in these indices are consistent with those used for the other Franciscan manuscripts in the database:

Assisi, Biblioteca comunale, 693
Assisi, Biblioteca comunale, 694
Assisi, Cattedrale San Rufino - Archivio e Biblioteca, 5
Chicago, Newberry Library, 24
Città del Vaticano (Roma), Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, lat. 8737
Fribourg (Switzerland), Bibliothèèque des Cordeliers, 2
München, Bayersiche Staatsbibliothek, 12o Cmm 1 (St. Anna Kloster)
Napoli, Biblioteca nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III, vi. E. 20

Selected Bibliography

  • Haggh, Barbara. Two Offices for St Elizabeth of Hungary: Introduction and Edition. Musicological Studies LXV/1. Ottawa: Institute of Mediaeval Music, 1995.
  • Rado, D. Polycarpus. Libri liturgici manuscripti bibliothecarum Hungaricae et limitropharum regionum. Budapest: Akademiai Kiado, 1973, especially pp. 523-27.

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The index for H-Bu lat. 119 was prepared by Andrew Mitchell at The University of Western Ontario, with the editorial assistance of Keith Glaeske (The Catholic University of America).
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