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Cambrai, Bibliothèque municipale, Impr. XVI C 4

F-CA Impr. XVI C 4
Antiphoner printed in Paris by Simon Vostre between 1508 and 1518. 385 x 264 mm. Black square Roman chant notation on red four-line staves, with F and C clefs. Cathedral cursus. 256 leaves, foliated i-viii, 1-248.
Liturgical Occasions

Ff. ii r-vi r: Kalendar of Cambrai. F. vi v: Magnificat tones, tonus peregrinus.
Ff. 1r-93v: Temporale. 1r, First Sunday of Advent; 5r, Christmas; 7r, "Vox dicentes"; 11r, "Liber generationis Jesu"; 20v, "Factum est autem"; 24v, Septuagesima; 26r, Ash Wednesday; 34r, Maundy Thursday (34r, 34v, 35r, 39v, 40r, 40v, 43r, 43v, 44r, Tones for the Lamentations of Jeremiah); 47r, Easter; 58r, Pascha Annotinum; 64r, Pentecost; 68v, Trinity; 73v, Corpus Christi; 81r, Summer Histories; 85r, Sundays after Pentecost; 88r-93v, Dedication of a Church.
Ff. 93v-198v: Sanctorale. 93v, Andrew; 95r, Barbara; 103r, Stephen; 108v, Finding of Firminus; 109r, Furse; 110v, Antoninus; 115r, Aldegundis; 120v, Vedastus; 142r, Visitation of Mary; 147r, Martial; 148v, Anne; 150r, Mary Magdalene; 162v, the Recollectio Mariae; 174r, Adrianus; 176v, Elevation of Gaugericus; 179v, Donatianus; 181v, Amatus; 182r, Ursula; 184v, All Saints; 188v, Office for the Dead; 194v, Maxellendis; 195v, Elevation of Elizabeth of Hungary; 197v, Catherine.
Ff. 199r-200v: Ferial Office. Ff. 201r-226v: Common of Saints (220r, Common of Abbots; 225r, Common of Wives). Ff. 226v-228r: Chants "ad Completorium." Ff. 228v-233v: Invitatory Tones. Ff. 234r-243v: Antiphons "ad Benedictus" (234r, Advent; 237v, Septuagesima, Ash Wednesday; 241v, Ascension; 241v, Sundays after Pentecost). Ff. 244r- 245r: Common of Mary. Ff. 245r-248v: Antiphons "ad Suffragium."


Cambrai XVI C 4, like Cambrai 38, is a rich source of chants and Offices not found in CAO . Offices found only in the former source include Barbara, Furse, Antoninus, Martialis, Anne, Donatus and Amatus (for Offices common to both files, please consult the introductory file to Cambrai 38). Cambrai XVI C 4 also contains lesson tones not found in Cambrai 38: the "Vox dicentes" and "Liber generationis Jesu" lessons and tones for the Lamentations of Jeremiah. Of particular note is the special Office, the Recollectio Mariae, dedicated in Cambrai cathedral by the canon Michel de Beringhen in 1457. The texts are by Giles Carlier, dean of Cambrai, and the chants were composed by Guillaume Dufay. (For more on this unique Office, see Haggh , "The Celebration of the Recollectio Festorum Beatae Mariae Virginis 1457-1987.")

Differentiae are identified by numbers chosen arbitrarily; the numbering system for this file is also used in the file for Cambrai 38. However, there are gaps in the numbering of the differentiae in this file, because not all of the differentiae of Cambrai reappear in this source.

Each chant not found in CAO is assigned an arbitrary number, prefixed either by "cam" or "cax": those chants beginning with "cam" can also be found in Cambrai 38, whereas the chants beginning with "cax" appear only in Cambrai XVI.

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The index for F-CA Impr. XVI C 4 was prepared by Barbara Haggh (University of Maryland), Keith Glaeske (Catholic University of America), and Charles Downey (Catholic University of America).
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