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I-Far s.c.
Twelfth-century antiphoner from Florence Cathedral (Firenze, Italy). Staff notation. Cathedral cursus. 290 folios. Three lacunae.
Liturgical Occasions

Ff. 1r-137r: Winter Temporale and Sanctorale. 1r, First Sunday of Advent; 19v, Christmas; 25r, Stephen; lacuna; 48r, Ferial Office; 50r, Antiphons "ad Benedicite"; 66v, Septuagesima; 75v, Responsories "ad Flagellandum;" 76r, Ash Wednesday; 103v, Maundy Thursday; 111v, Easter; 128r, Zenobius; 128v, Ascension; 132v, Pentecost.
Ff. 137v-210r: Summer Sanctorale. 137v, Vitus; 147v, Paul; 150v, Apollinaris; 153v, Donatus; 159r, Laurence; 171v, Nativity of Mary (ff. 175r-176v contain an extra Office not found in CAO); 176v, Exaltation of the Cross; 179r, Michael (incomplete); 180v, Miniatis; 184r, Simon and Jude; 184v, All Saints; 206v, Syrus.
Ff. 210r-231r: Common of Saints (lacuna between folios 217 and 218; 226v-229v, an extra Common of Virgins not found in CAO). Ff. 231r-234r: Dedication of a Church. Ff. 234v-235r: Antiphons "ad Benedicite." Ff. 235r-240r: Sundays after Pentecost. Ff. 240r-257v: Summer Histories. Ff. 258r-261r: Trinity. 261r-226: Office for the Dead. Ff. 266r-273v: Vincent, Exaltation of the Cross, Mary Magdalene, Common of Evangelists. Ff. 273v-275v: Office of the Passion of the Image of Christ. F. 275v, Vincent. Ff. 276r-282r: Tonary. Ff. 282v-290r: Invitatory Tones.


The foliation used in the computer file follows the Arabic numbering found in the upper right-hand corner; these folio numbers are not clearly visible until fol. 10r. Because this is actually the eleventh folio, the second folio is numbered 1w (for recto) and 1x (for verso) in the index. The Common of Saints (ff. 210r-226v) within this manuscript has been bound out of order. Below is their correct sequence:

210r-211v: Common of Evangelists 217r-217v: Common of Evangelists lacuna 214r-215v: Common of Apostles 213r: Common of Apostles 213v: Common of One Martyr 216r-216v: Common of One Martyr 212r-212v: Common of One Martyr 225r-225v: Common of One Martyr 224r-224v: Common of One Confessor 220r-222v: Common of One Confessor 222v-223v: Common of Several Martyrs 219r-219v: Common of Several Martyrs 218r-218v: Common of Several Martyrs 226r: Common of Several Martyrs 226v: Common of Virgins

From 226r to the end, the manuscript appears to be bound in the correct order.

The numbering system for the differentiae follows that of the tonary found on ff. 276r-282r..

Notes on the Inventory
The index for I-Far was prepared by Keith Glaeske, Charles Downey, and Lila Collamore at The Catholic University of America.
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