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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France - Département des Manuscrits, Latin 12601

F-Pn Lat. 12601
Cluniac breviary dating from between 1064 and 1095 used in the monastery of St. Taurin l'Echelle. Probably copied for St. Taurin in a Cluniac priory in the southeastern area of the diocese of Amiens (perhaps Lihons-en-Sangterre). 335 x 237 mm. Non-diastematic neumes. Monastic cursus. 271 folios. Summer only. (olim F-Pnm Lat. 12601)
Liturgical Occasions

Ff. 11r-16r: Ferial Office. Ff. 16v-22r: Kalendar. F. 24v, Trinity.
Ff. 30r-184v: Summer Sanctorale. 30r, John the Baptist; 40v, Paul; 74v, Laurence; 103v, Julianus; 134v, Denis; 143v, All Saints.
Ff. 187v-207r: Common of Saints (203r, Dedication of a Church).
Ff. 207v-267v: Summer Histories intermixed with Sundays after Pentecost. Ff. 268r-271: Dedication of a Church (incomplete).


Hourlier believed that Paris Lat. 12601 originated at Cluny and was later used in the Picard monastery of St. Taurin l'Echelle. Manuel Pedro Ferreira has called attention to the presence in the source of two different types of neumes--both French and Laon (Lorraine)--that appear to be roughly contemporaneous, suggesting that the manuscript originated in a place in which the two coexisted. He believes that the manuscript cannot have originated at Cluny itself because of the manuscript's "notational, liturgical, paleographical and artistic oddities." All chants not found in CAO are assigned an arbitrary number beginning with "clu". The manuscript contains no differentiae, with only one exception (assigned to the single antiphon written in staff notation, on f. 78r, for Taurinus, which has been given an arbitrary number).

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The inventory for F-Pn Lat. 12601 was prepared by Keith Glaeske at The Catholic University of America.
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