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Piacenza, Archivio e Biblioteca Capitolare della Cattedrale, cod. 65

I-PCd cod. 65
An antiphoner that forms one section of the early thirteenth-century Liber Officium of Piacenza Cathedral, Piacenza, Italy. 480 x 340 mm. Central-Italian notation on a dry-point staff, with the F-line colored red. Cathedral cursus. 450 folios.
Liturgical Occasions

Ff. 268-273v: Invitatory Tones. Ff. 274r-365: Temporale. 268r, First Sunday of Advent; 285v, Christmas; 296r, Ferial Office; 303r, Septuagesima; 308r, Ash Wednesday; 325v, Holy Thursday; 330v, Easter; 343v, Pentecost; 348v-352r, Sundays after Pentecost; 352r, Summer Histories; 363r, Trinity.
Ff. 365v-423r: Sanctorale. 365v, Stephen; 371v, Sabinus; 387r, Gervasius and Protasius; 393v, Paul; 396v, Laurence; 405v, Justina; 410v, All Saints; 414r, Finding of Antoninus.
Ff. 423r-431v: Common of Saints. Ff. 431v-433v: Dedication of a Church. Ff. 433v-435v: Office for the Dead.


The manuscript is a compendium. It contains a tonary of invitatories (ff. 1-3), a small tonary of antiphons (ff. 3v-4v), a small tonary of mass chants (ff. 149-151), a gradual (ff. 151-228r), a sequentiary (ff. 228v-261), a second tonary of antiphons (ff. 264-267v), and several treatises on alchemy, astronomy and music theory. At least three different scribes were involved in the copying of these portions of the manuscript. All of the hands are twelfth- or early-thirteenth-century Italian. The antiphoner (ff. 267v-450) is complete, and copied entirely by a single hand. (For a fuller discussion of the manuscript's contents and its scribes, please see the introduction to Glaeske, Piacenza, Biblioteca Capitolare 65, cited below.) The foliation is inconsistent: sometimes it is stamped onto the page or pencilled in, but at other times it is altogether lacking. The antiphoner contains several Offices that do not occur in any of the sources surveyed in Hesbert's Corpus Antiphonalium Officii: chief among these are those for Sabinus, first bishop of Piacenza (ff. 371v-373v); the martyrs Gervasius and Protasius (ff. 387r-389r); Justina, patron of Piacenza (405v-407v); and the Finding of Antoninus (ff. 414r-416r).

Selected Bibliography

  • Glaeske, Keith et al. Piacenza, Biblioteca Capitolare 65. With an introduction by Paul Merkley. Ottawa: Institute of Mediaeval Music, 1993.

  • Merkley, Paul. Italian Tonaries. Ottawa: Institute of Mediaeval Music, 1988. See especially pp. 142-145.

Notes on the Inventory
The index for I-PCd cod. 65 was prepared at The Catholic University of America by Keith Glaeske, Keith Falconer, Lila Collamore, and Richard Rice. The dating to the first quarter of the 13th century is from Giacomo Baroffio (email message, March 2020).
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