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Dresden, Sächsische Landesbibliothek, A. 122

D-Dlb A122

Les sources p. 48—Missel (pars hiemalis), avec quelques séquences aux fęte. Only “winter” part, i.e., Advent through Lent.Last feast in ms: Good Friday (Popule meus—f. 85v)Rubrics very difficult to read on mf, hence omitted in analysis

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Siglum Text Incipit Rubrics AH Cantus ID Notes 1 Notes 2 Notes 3
D-Dlb A122
8r 01
[G]rates nunc omnes 53:10 ah53010 dd05
D-Dlb A122
9v 02
[E]ia recolamus 53:16 ah53016 d43
D-Dlb A122
11r 03
Natus ante secula 53:15 ah53015 d01
D-Dlb A122
12v 04
Hanc concordi 53:215 ah53215 d02
D-Dlb A122
13v 05
Iohannes Ihu Xpo 53:168 ah53168 d04
D-Dlb A122
17v 06
Festa Xpi 53:29 ah53029 d07