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Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, MS 406 (shelfmark 3 J 7)

NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)

Sequences represent late 14th-c. editions to a 12th-c. antiphonale. The first group (a1-6) are written on 4 folios added at the beginning of the manuscript by a hand using German diastematic neumes, a hand consistent with other contemporary hands from the Utrecht diocese. The final two sequences (x1-2) are added as single entities at ends of offices by different hands. The sequence for Katherine may be earlier than the late 14th century.

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Siglum Text Incipit Rubrics AH Cantus ID Notes 1 Notes 2 Notes 3
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)
1r a1
Veni sancti spiritus [none] 54:153 ah54153 Int22
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)
1r a2
Virginis Marie laudes intonent xpiani [none] 54:18 ah54018 Int24
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)
1v a3
Ave preclara maris stella [none] 50:241 ah50241 dd24
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)
2v a4
Verbum bonum et suave Item de domina nostra quando tenetur de commemoratione eius 54:218 ah54218 Int23
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)
3r a5
Iocundare plebs fidelis cuius pater est in celis De quatuor ewangelistis 55:7 ah55007 [the “Dutch” tune
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)
4r a6
Agone triumphali [none] 53:229 ah53229 d34
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)
222r x1
Katherine virginis vita felix et finis [none] 9:261 ah09261 Int10
NL-Uu 406 (3 J 7)
241c x2
Letetur hodie matris ecclesie sancta devocio [none] 54:110 ah54110