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München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 19266

D-Mbs Clm 19266

Note how few sequences are left in this source by the early 16th c., Note system of pagination in the manuscirpt.

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Siglum Text Incipit Rubrics AH Cantus ID Notes 1 Notes 2 Notes 3
D-Mbs Clm 19266
53r 01
Victime paschali laudes Prosa <Dominica resurrectionis> 54:7 ah54007 Int24
D-Mbs Clm 19266
70r 02
Sancti spiritus assit nobis gracia Sequencia. Alia V[ersus] Veni sancte spiritus <In die sancto penti] 53:70 ah53070 d28
D-Mbs Clm 19266
73r 03
Veni sancte spiritus Infra octavi quotidie dicitur Sequencia Veni sancti s.<fer. ii in P> 54:153 ah54153 Int22
D-Mbs Clm 19266
k xx v 04
Congaudent angelorum chori Sequencia <In festo Assumpcionis b. v.> 53:104 ah53104 d13
D-Mbs Clm 19266
k.xxiiii v 05
Ave preclara maris stella In festo Concepcionis beate virginis marie 50:241 ah50241 dd24 Ave praeclara]
D-Mbs Clm 19266
l. vii r 06
Dies ire dies illa Sequencia <In agenda mortuorum> 54:178 ah54178
D-Mbs Clm 19266
m. iv v 07
Lauda syon salvatorem Sequencia <In festo Corpus xpi et per octavam> 50:385 ah50385 Int08a
D-Mbs Clm 19266
m. xx 08
Audi nos nam te dominus Prosa de S. Catharina virgine et martire 34:245 ah34245