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Xanten, Stiftsarchiv und -bibliothek St. Viktor, H 140 (3)

D-X H140(3)

H 140 consists of 3 volumes, roughly bound with cardboard. Three volumes form one Graduale, at least what is left of what once was a graduale. Only eight pieces can be named, four of which are only fragments. The sequentiary seems to have been based on that of H 109, but one cannot be sure. Clearly 16th century, perhaps evan as late as 1600.

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Siglum Text Incipit Rubrics AH Cantus ID Notes 1 Notes 2 Notes 3
D-X H140(3)
61r 01
...sancto cruore et tuta clade canopica [lost] 53:36 ah53036 d12
D-X H140(3)
61r 02
Victime paschali laudes feria quarta Pasche 54:7 ah54007 int24
D-X H140(3)
61v 03
Mane prima sabbati In octava pasche et dominica ante ascensionem 54:143 ah54143 int10
D-X H140(3)
62r 04
... [inaudi]to seculis. Hunc diem gloriosum fecisti. [lost] 53:70 ah53070 d28
D-X H140(3)
62r 05
Veni sancte spiritus De sancto spiritu 54:153 ah54153 int22
D-X H140(3)
62v 06
Benedictio trine unitati De sancta trinitate 50:243 ah50243 dd50243
D-X H140(3)
63v 07
Lauda Sion salvatorem Sacramenti. Sequentia 50:385 ah50385 int08b
D-X H140(3)
65v 08
Sancti baptiste Christi preconis Nativitatis Ioannis 53:163 ah53163 d05