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Montréal, McGill University - Rare Books and Special Collections - Manuscript Collection, MS Medieval 0234

CDN-Mlr MS Medieval 0234
Responsoriale including incipits of Magnificat and Benedictus antiphons (often notated in the low margins), invitatories, and responds followed by full verses. Gothic notation and Hufnagel notation on five-line staff. Different hand in 10 folios of interpolated material from fol. 114r (middle of the office of Gregory) to fol. 124r (middle of the office of Mary Magdalene), with some overlapping. Secular cursus. 220 folios.
Liturgical Occasions

Ff. 5r-19r: Invitatory Psalm intonations. Ff. 20v-102v: Temporale. 20v, Advent; 29r, Nativity; 32v, Stephen; 34v, John the Evangelist; 36r, Holy Innocents; 38r, Sunday after Christmas; 40r, The circumcision of Christ; 40v, Epiphany; 45r, Ferial Office; 48r, Septuagesima; 50r, Sexagesima; 50r, Quinquagesima; 52r, Lent; 62v, Passion Sunday; 64v, Palm Sunday; 68r, Maundy Thursday; 69v, Good Friday; 70v, Holy Saturday; 72r, Easter; 74v, Sundays after Easter; 78v, Ascension Thursday; 80v, Pentecost Sunday; 83r, Trinity Sunday; 85r, Corpus Christi; 87r, Octave of Trinity Sunday; 89r, Summer Histories. Ff. 103r-176v: Sanctorale. 103r, Nicholas; 105r, Lucy; 105v, Pope Fabian and Sebastian, Martyrs; 107r, Agnes; 108v, Purification of Mary; 110v, Agatha; 112r, Chair of Peter; 112v, Gregory the Great; 114v, Common of several Martyrs, Eastertide; 115v, Common of one Martyr, Eastertide; 115v, Philip and James, Apostles; 116r, Finding of the Cross; 116v, John before the Latin Gate; 117r, Alban; 117r, Moving of Wigbert's relics; 117r, John the Baptist; 119r, John and Paul; 119v, Peter and Paul; 121r, Octave of Peter and Paul; 123r, Mary Magdalene; 125v, Peter in Chains; 125v, Finding of Stephen's relics; 127v, Sixtus; 128r, Afra; 129v, Laurence; 130v, Wigbert, Confessor, Abbot of Fritzlar; 132v, Assumption of Mary; 134r, Beheading of John the Baptist; 135v, Nativity of Mary; 137v, Holy Cross Day; 139r, Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist; 140v, Michael; 143r, All Saints; 145r, Office for the Dead; 147r, Martin; 149r, Elizabeth of Hungary; 151r, Cecilia; 152v, Clement of Metz; 153r, Catherine of Alexandria; 155r, Andrew; 157r, Common of Saints; 166r, Dedication of a Church; 169r, Annunciation of Mary; 170v, Dorothy of Montau; 173r, The Five Wounds of Christ; 175r, Anne, Mother of Mary. Ff. 177r-203v: Collects.

Notes on the Inventory
The inventory for CDN-Mlr MS Medieval 0234 was begun by undergraduate and graduate students (Sister Ilaria Culshaw, Lucia Denk, Songhan Li, Patrick McIntosh, Brayden Olson, Kevin Robb, Rianna Robinson, Rebecca Shaw, James Whitley, Dilshan Weerasinghe), in a seminar on Colonial Chant at Dalhousie University, run by Jennifer Bain in the winter of 2019, and was completed by research assistants, Sister Ilaria Culshaw and Rebecca Shaw. Alessandra Ignesti proofread the inventory and the texts.
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