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Kansas City (MO), University of Missouri-Kansas City - LaBudde Special Collections - Miller Nichols Library, M2147.C53 1500z

US-KClbsc M2147.C53 1500z
Spanish gradual and kyriale dating approximately from the late fifteenth century, with some office chants. Contains four-, five-, and six-line staves, four to eight per folio, dry-point in red, with f- and c-clefs. Monastic cursus. Ninety-three parchment folios. Folio size and writing space vary, as many folios have been trimmed and material from other manuscripts has been inserted at various points in the manuscript.

US-KClbsc M2147. C53 1500z is a liturgical miscellany or bound compendium manuscript containing a number of significant interventions, including inserted folios from multiple manuscripts. Marginalia and stamps of ownership link the book to Peñafiel, Spain, and the monastery of San Pedro Regalado in La Aguilera in the province of Burgos, Spain. An early modern insertion with chants for St. Francis and St. Clare suggests that a Franciscan, and more specifically, Clarissan, community owned the manuscript at some point in its history. The multiple interventions and alterations make assessing the scribal hands challenging. Many chants have been partially or completely scraped and rewritten, creating a series of palimpsests. Parts of the manuscript are heavily trimmed, especially in the lower margin, often resulting in a missing stave at the bottom or top of the leaves. The style of textual and notational scripts also varies greatly from section to section. The cantor's incipits for the items of the Ordinary of the Mass are not included, indicating that this was a book for the choir.

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US-KClbsc M2147.C53 1500z was indexed by Rebecca Adams, Virginia Blanton, and Johnathan Curtman (University of Missouri-Kansas City), with assistance and corrections by Lucia Denk (Dalhousie University). Proofreader: Debra Lacoste (Dalhousie University). The manuscript description was written by Rebecca Adams, Virginia Blanton, and Lucia Denk. The fragments in binding/pastedowns were examined and studied by Mary Jean Miller and Annie Liljegren.
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