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Waterloo, University of Waterloo – DRAGEN Lab-St Jerome’s University, MS Medieval 01 (fragment)

CDN-WAdl MS Medieval 01 (fragment)
Fragmented strip from an antiphoner. Gothic script in brown-black ink copied in two columns with square notation on 4-line red staves in the intervening spaces. F- and C-clefs. Initials are lightly decorated with red tracing. No custos. This fragment is from the same leaf as CDN-WAdl MS Medieval 02 (fragment).
Liturgical Occasions



This leaf was purchased on May 10, 2019 for the purpose of providing music students and DRAGEN lab students with learning and research opportunities.The dealer, Mackus Company, suggested a date c. 1300, and a provenance in Italy. The dealer also assigned the siglum "M6364." This siglum appears in pencil on the bottom right-hand corner of what appears to be the recto side.

6 staves are visible on each side of this fragment.

This fragment might be a strip cut from the middle of a leaf. It is currently unknown how much is missing from above and below the current contents.

Notes on the Inventory
The inventory for CDN-WAdl MS Medieval 01 (fragment) was completed as part of an undergraduate research project supported by the DRAGEN lab at St. Jerome's University College, affiliated with the University of Waterloo. The texts were entered by Ellen Siebel-Achenbach and the melodies were transcribed by Mykayla Turner. Editorial assistance and indexing guidance were provided by Kate Steiner, and the records were proofread by Debra Lacoste. The manuscript description was written by Kate Steiner and Debra Lacoste.
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Ellen Siebel-Achenbach
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Mykayla Turner
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