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Feast Name Description Date Feast Code
In tempore Nat. General, in Christmastide 03000000
In tempore oritur inter christianos Chants in time of an uprising among Christians 16022000
In tempore Paschae General, Eastertide 08000000
In tempore Quad. General, in Lent 07000000
In Triduum General, during the Triduum 07069000
Inventio Afrae The finding of Afra's relics 17004000
Inventio Udalrici The finding of Ulric's relics 17005000
Invitatoria Invitatory Antiphons or Psalms 16004000
Iwigii, transl. Moving of relics of Iwigius 17009000
Joannis Evang. John the Evangelist Dec.27 02122700
Joannis Evang.,8 In week after John the Evangelist 02122708
Miraculi sanctae crucis The miracle of the Holy Cross (celebrated at Wilton Abbey) 17008000
Missa in dominicis diebus Mass on Sundays 16012700
Multorum in tribulatione Chants for many in tribulation 16026020
Nat. Innocentium Holy Innocents Dec.28 02122800
Nat. Innocentium,8 In week after Holy Innocents 02122808
Nativitas Domini Christmas Day Dec.25 02122500
Nativitas Domini,8 In week after Christmas 02122508
Oct. Ascens. Domini Octave of Ascension 08075000
Oct. Corporis Christi Octave of Corpus Christi 09025000
Oct. Joannis Evang. Octave of John the Evangelist Jan.3 02010300
Oct. Nat. Innocent. Octave of Holy Innocents Jan.4 02010400
Octava de Trinitate Octave of Trinity Sunday 09021020
Octava Epiphaniae Octave of Epiphany Jan.13 05011300
Octava Nat. Domini Octave of Christmas (Circumcision) Jan.1 02010100
Octava Nat. Domini,8 In week after Octave of Christmas 02010108
Octava Paschae Octave of Easter (also "Dominica in Albis") 08021000
Octava Paschae,8 In 2nd week after Easter 08021008
Octava Pentecostes Octave of Pentecost 08091000
Octava Stephani Octave of Stephen Jan.2 02010200
Ordo ad reconciliandum paenitentes Rite for reconciling with the penitents 16038020
Ordo ad visitandum vel perunguendum infirmum Rite for the visiting or anointing of the sick 16013010
Ordo celebrandus super eum qui ab spiritu inmundo vexatur Rite for someone possessed by an evil spirit 16036000
Ordo de energumeno Rite for a possessed person 16041000
Ordo quando rex cum exercitu ad prelium egreditur Rite when the king goes out to battle with his army 16040000
Ordo quando sal ante altare ponitur antequam exorcizetur Rite when the salt is placed before the altar for its exorcism 16035000
Ordo super eum qui barbam tangere cupit Rite for him who desires to anoint his beard 16034000
Ordo virtutum Hildegardiensis Hildegard of Bingen's Ordo virtutum. 17010000
Ordo votivo energumeno id est daemonia sustinens Votive ordo for a possessed person who is sustained by a demon 16041010
Pascha Annotinum Memorial of past year's Easter 08020100
Pro adversitate ecclesiae Chants for the adversity of the church (Votive Mass) 16052000
Pro amico Chants for the friend 16029000
Pro Archiepiscopo Chants for the Archbishop 16028010
Pro baptismo Chants for baptism 16032000
Pro consecratione crucis Chants for the consecration of the cross 16048010
Pro conversis Chants for the converted men and women 16037000
Pro familiaribus Chants for family members 16044000
Pro febribus Chants for fever 16031000
Pro infirmis Chants for many who are sick 16013030
Pro iter agentibus Chants for travellers, pilgrims 16030000
Pro omni populo christiano Chants for all the Christian people 16043000
Pro ordinatione clerici Chants for the ordination of a cleric 16033000
Pro ordinatione Episcopi Chants for the ordination of a bishop 16033010
Pro ordinatione Episcoporum Chants for the ordination of several bishops 16033020
Pro pace Chants for peace 16019010
Pro pace regni Chants for the peace of the realm and the church 16019000
Pro paenitente Rite for repenting (not specifically for one or several penitents) 16038000
Pro paenitentibus Chants for several pentitents 16038030
Pro pluvia Chants for rain 16020000
Pro quacumque necessitate For all needs 16050000
Pro reconciliatione ecclesiae Chants for the restoration of churches and sacred places 16047000
Pro remissione peccatorum Chants for forgiveness 16045000
Pro Sacerdote Chants for the Priest 16028000
Pro salute vivorum Chants for the health of the living 16027000
Pro serenitate Chants for serenity 16042000
Pro sponso et sponsa Chants for the bride and groom 16044000
Pro stabilitate loci For stability of place 16049000
Pro stabilitate loci For stability of place 16049000
Pro tribulatione Chants for distress 16026000
Pro uno infirmo Chants for one who is sick 16013020
Pro uno paenitente Chants for one penitent 16038010
Q.T. Adventus Ember Days, Advent 01030009
Q.T. Quadragesimae Ember Days, Lent 07010009
Sabb. Adventus Saturdays in Advent 01007000
Sabb. Cor. Christi Saturday after Corpus Christi 09017000
Sabb. de Passione Saturday, 5th week, Lent 07057000
Sabb. Hebd. 1 Quad. Saturday, 1st week, Lent 07017000
Sabb. Hebd. 2 p. Ep. Saturday, 2nd week after Epiphany 05027000
Sabb. Hebd. 2 Quad. Saturday, 2nd week, Lent 07027000
Sabb. Hebd. 3 p. Ep. Saturday, 3rd week after Epiphany 05037000
Sabb. Hebd. 3 Quad. Saturday, 3rd week, Lent 07037000
Sabb. Hebd. 4 p. Ep. Saturday, 4th week after Epiphany 05047000
Sabb. Hebd. 4 Quad. Saturday, 4th week, Lent 07047000
Sabb. Hebd. 5 p.Ep. Saturday, 5th week after Epiphany 05057000
Sabb. in Pent. 17 Saturday in the 17th week after Pentecost 09167000
Sabb. p. Ascensionem Saturday after Ascension 08067000
Sabb. p. Dom. 1 p. Pent. Saturday in the 2nd week after Pentecost 09017010
Sabb. p. Epiphaniam Saturday, 1st week after Epiphany 05017000
Sabb. p. Nat. Dom. Saturday after Christmas 03027000
Sabb. p. Oct. Asc. Saturday, after the Octave of Ascension 08077100
Sabb. p. Oct. Pasch. Saturday, 2nd week after Easter 08027000
Sabb. Q.T. Adventus Ember Day, Advent (Saturday) 01037009
Sabb. Quadragesimae Saturdays in Lent 07007000
Sabb. Septuagesimae Septuagesima Saturday 06017000
Sabb. Sexagesimae Sexagesima Saturday 06027000
Sabb.p.Oct.Cor.Chri. Saturday after Octave of Corpus Christi 09027000
Sabbato 3 p. Pascha Saturday, 3rd week after Easter 08037000
Sabbato 4 p. Pascha Saturday, 4th week after Easter 08047000
Sabbato 5 p. Pascha Saturday, 6th week after Easter 08057000
Sabbato Hebd. 1 Adv. Saturday, 1st week, Advent 01017000
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