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Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare, CLXX

Liturgical Occasions

Ff. 1-3v Incomplete Kalendar (from the 1th March to 31th August).


Early 13th century Breviary (pars hyemalis) written in Arras, for the St. James chapel in Namur (dioc. Liege). The manuscript trasmits the Historia of St. Vedastus bishop of Arras (LMLO V11), here adapted to the secular cursus. The proper offices for Matthias (LMLO MG 21) and Maximinus indicate an influence from Trier. Furthermore the Breviary is the oldest source for the Historia sanctae Katherinae "Gratulemur in honore Katherinae" (LMLO CB 29). Evolved Lorrain notation on four red line staff. Cathedral cursus.
The differentiae of each mode have been numbered with a two-digit system: an upper-case letter indicating the final pitch of the differentia and a sequentially ordered numeral.

Selected Bibliography

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