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München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 23284

D-Mbs Clm 23284

Clm 23284 Graduale cum notis musicis 4o. s. XIV et XV. [ZZ 284]An odd collection of notations and materials. 160 x 218 a few folios are numbered in pencil, although most of the empty paper folios are not counted. Difficult to find ones way around the ms. I. ff. 1-29 Graduale, inc. Ad te levavi ca. 1350 parchment Notation: ‘german messine’ no sequences 9 paper folios, emptyII. ff. 30-69 continuation of graduale parchment no sequencesIII. ff. 70-108 Part of graduale from 15th c. parchment sequences written in with other proper items Hufnagelschrift sequencesIV. ff. 109-118 Requiem eternam ... written on paper Dies irae — sine neumis Verbum bonum — cum neumis 11 empty paper folios. V. ff. 120-134 Sanctorale of original graduale (cf. 1-29 and 30-69) different hand no sequencesVI. ff. 135-150. Kyrale 15th c. Hufnagelschrift.

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Siglum Text Incipit Rubrics AH Cantus ID Notes 1 Notes 2 Notes 3
D-Mbs Clm 23284
71v iii.1
Victime paschali laudes Sequencia 54:7 ah54007 int24
D-Mbs Clm 23284
75v iii.2
Summi triumphum De ascensione domini (74r) sequencia 53:67 ah53067
D-Mbs Clm 23284
81r iii.3
Sancti spiritus assit nobis gracia De sancto spiritu (79v) sequencia 53:70 ah53070 d28
D-Mbs Clm 23284
95r iii.4
Ave preclara maris stella De veneracione Marie (92v) 50:241 ah50241 dd17
D-Mbs Clm 23284
100r iii.5
Psallat ecclesia mater illibata In dedicacione ecclesie (99r) 53:247 ah53247 d32
D-Mbs Clm 23284
107v iii.6
Mittit ad virginem In adventu de beata virgine 54:191 ah54191 int12
D-Mbs Clm 23284
112r iiii.1
Dies ire dies illa In solemni officio pro defunctis canitur sequencia hec 54:178 ah54178
D-Mbs Clm 23284
113v iiii.2
Verbum bonum et suave [none] 54:218 ah54218 int23