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Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, Mrs. William E. Kelley Collection, 1911.142b

US-Cai 1911.142b
Late 13th-century antiphoner from an Italian monastery of Dominican nuns. 186 numbered folios. Square notation on red staff. The scribe and illuminator is Jacobellus of Salerno, who signed another volume from the same set. The volume contains the last section of the Temporale, from Easter. The Sanctorale includes the Office for Peter the Martyr, Dominican Friar and Priest. The last portion of the volume contains a hymnary.
Liturgical Occasions

Ff. 1r-158v: Summer Temporale and Sanctorale. 1r, Easter; 8v, Ferial Office; 22r, Easter Saturday; 22v, Sundays after Easter; 44r, Rogation Days; 44v, Ascension; 56r, Sundays after Ascension; 58r, Pentecost; 65r, Ferial Office; 75v, Peter’s Chair; 78r, Annunciation; 95v, Common of Saints; 103r, Peter the Martyr; 109r, Philip and Jacob; 111v, Finding of the Cross; 117r, Commemoration of the Crown of Thorns; 122r, Moving of Dominic’s relics; 130r, Common of Saints; 151r, Memorial chants for Mary. Ff. 159r-186r: Hymnary. 159r, First Sunday of Lent; 161r, Passion Sunday; 163v, Octave of Easter; 166r, Ascension; 167r, Pentecost; 169v, Peter’s Chair; 170r, Annunciation; 171v, Peter the Martyr; 173r, Finding of the Cross; 174v, Commemoration of the Crown of Thorns; 175v, Moving of Dominic’s relics; 177v, Common of Saints.

Selected Bibliography

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Notes on the Inventory
The inventory for US-Cai 1911.142b was begun at a "crowdsourcing" session at the International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, 12 May 2017. It was completed at Dalhousie University in the fall of 2017 by undergraduate and graduate students Gillian Boonstra, Laura Jones, Andrea Klassen, Hilary McSherry, Brayden Olson, Becky Shaw, and Krystal Zhang, in a seminar run by Jennifer Bain. Alessandra Ignesti proofread the inventory and the texts, and Joel Oliver-Cormier entered the melodies.
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