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Chants by Cantus ID: ah53017

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Source Folio Title Service Genre Position Feast Mode 1 Facsimile
D-Mbs Clm 14843 97v Xpi hoderna pangimini omnes una Sq
E-Mn 19421 39v Xpisti hodierna pangimini Sq
E-Mn 288 84r Xpixti hodierna Sq
E-Mn 289 36v Christi hodierna Sq
E-Mn V. 20-4 24r Christi hodierna Sq
F-DOU 69 80v Xpi hoderna pangimini omnes una Sq
F-LA 263 41v Xpicti hodierna pangimini omnes una Sq
F-Pm 526 16v Christi hodierna Sq
F-Pn 1084 231r Xpisti hoedierna pangamini omnes una Sq
F-Pn 1086 41r Xpisti hodierna pangimini omnes una Sq
F-Pn 1107 542v Xpisti hodierna Sq
F-Pn 1118 148v Xpristi hodierna Sq
F-Pn 1120 108r Christi hodierna Sq
F-Pn 1240 46r-a Xpi hodierna pangimini omnis una Sq
F-Pn 779 8r Xpisti hodierna pangimini Sq
F-Pn 887 150v Christi hodierna pangamini Sq
F-Pn 903 181v Xristi hodierna ... Alleluia Sq
F-Pn 904 16v Christi hodierna nunc pangite Sq
F-Pn 905 16r Xpisti hodierna Sq
F-R 249 166r Xpisti hodierna pangimini omnes una Sq
GB-Ob MS. Douce 222 83r Christi hodierna pangimini Sq
GB-Ob MS. Lat. liturg. b. 5 6v Xpi hodierna celebremus natalicia Sq
I-Ac 695 59v Xpisti hodierna pangimini omnes Sq
I-BV 34 18v Christi hodierna pangimini Sq
I-Bu 2748 p.104 Chrysti hodiernae pangimini Sq
I-Bu 2824 18v Xpisti odierne pangimini omnis una Allaluia Sq
I-IV 60 10v Christi hodierna Sq
I-MOd O.I.16 15v Xpista hodiernae Sq
I-MOd O.I.7 10r Christi hodierna pangimini Sq
I-MZ 76 31v Christi hodierne pangimini Sq
I-MZ 77 148r Christi hodierne pangimini Sq
I-PCd 65 230r Christi hodierna Sq
I-PS 121 18r Chricti hodierna pangimini Sq
I-Pc 47 21r Christi hodierna Sq
I-Ra 123 201r Christi hodierne pangimini Sq
I-VCd 146 96r Christi hodierna Sq
I-VCd 161 114r Christi hodierne pangimini Sq
I-VEcap 107 73r Christi hodierna Sq
I-VEcap 90 59v Xpi odierne pangimini omnes una Sq
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