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Xpi hodierna pangimini omnis una

F-Pn 1240
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Lat. 1240
Xpi hodierna pangimini omnis una
Cantus ID
Analecta Hymnica
Indexing notes
[Congregatio prosrum](43v) Second, longer 'congregatio prosarum,' without notation: no. 1 'Congregatio' actually begins on f. 43r with series of prosulae, prosae ad sequentias begins on 46r-a in middle of column. Note no distinction in this source between 'prosula' and 'prosa.'


Concordances for Cantus ID ah53017: Displaying 1 - 40 of 40
Siglum Incipit Rubrics AH Notes:1 Notes:2 Notes:3
D-Mbs 14843
97v 06
Xpi hoderna pangimini omnes una [none] 53:17 fc41
E-Mn 19421
39v 09
Xpisti hodierna pangimini [none] 53:17 fc41
E-Mn 288
84r 09
Xpixti hodierna Alleluia 53:17 fc41
E-Mn 289
36v 09
Christi hodierna Alleluia alia 53:17 fc41
E-Mn V. 20-4
24r 05
Christi hodierna Missa maior (23v) ... seq. 53:17 fc41
F-DOU 69
80v 21
Xpi hoderna pangimini omnes una Magna missa (80r) 53:17 fc41
F-LA 263
41v 012
Xpicti hodierna pangimini omnes una In octavis natalis domini Sequentia (41r) 53:17 fc41
F-Pm 526
16v 07
Christi hodierna [missa in die] ... sequencia 53:17
F-Pn 1084
231r x012
Xpisti hoedierna pangamini omnes una Alia 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 1086
41r 10
Xpisti hodierna pangimini omnes una In octavis epiphanie 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 1107
542v 07
Xpisti hodierna Ad magnam missam 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 1118
148v x013
Xpristi hodierna Alia 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 1120
108r 07
Christi hodierna De nativitate domini 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 1240
46r-a x05-b01
Xpi hodierna pangimini omnis una [none] 53:17 [fc41]
F-Pn 778
47r 07
Xpisti hodierna pangimini omnes una alia 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 779
8r 04
Xpisti hodierna pangimini Alia [de nat. dni] 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 887
150v x77+
Christi hodierna pangamini Item alia de ipso die 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 903
181v p07
Xristi hodierna ... Alleluia Item alia prosa 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 904
16v 07
Christi hodierna nunc pangite Postea fiat sermo ad populum Officium (Puer natus) (16r) Sequentia 53:17 fc41
F-Pn 905
16r 07
Xpisti hodierna In die nat. dni ad missam officium 53:17 fc41
F-Rm 249
166r 05
Xpisti hodierna pangimini omnes una In natali domini sequentia 53:17 fc41
GB-Ob Douce 222
83r 05
Christi hodierna pangimini In nativitate domini ad primam missam. prosa 53:17 fc41
GB-Ob lat.lit.b.5
6v 006
Xpi hodierna celebremus natalicia Ad magnam missam (6r) ... sequencia 53:17 fc41
I-Ac 695
59v a09
Xpisti hodierna pangimini omnes In die Natali domini ad missam (59r) Prosa 53:17 fc41
I-BV 34
18v 10
Christi hodierna pangimini Sequentia. [Missa maiore] 53:17 fc41
I-Bu 2748
p.104 02
Chrysti hodiernae pangimini Alia de eodem 53:17 d13
I-Bu 2824
18v 01
Xpisti odierne pangimini omnis una Allaluia In nativitate domini ad missa[m] de nocte (18r) ... 53:17 fc41
I-IV 60
10v 02
Christi hodierna Primo mane. sequentia 53:17 fc41
I-MOc O.I.16
15v 01
Xpista hodiernae Sequentia 53:17 fc41
I-MOd O.I.7
10r 03
Christi hodierna pangimini In die natale domini 53:17 fc41
I-MZ 76
31v 06
Christi hodierne pangimini In octabas domini. seq. 53:17 fc41
I-MZ 77
148r 05
Christi hodierne pangimini In octava domini seq. 53:17 fc41
I-PCd 65
230r 03
Christi hodierna In nativitate domini ad missam maiorem. Sequentia 53:17 fc41
I-PS 121
18r 05
Chricti hodierna pangimini In die ad missam. sequentia 53:17 fc41
I-Pc 47
21r 04
Christi hodierna In die 53:17 fc41
I-Ra 123
201r 10
Christi hodierne pangimini In octava domini. sequentia 53:17 d13
I-VCd 146
96r 02
Christi hodierna Sequentia 53:17 fc41
I-VCd 161
114r 03
Christi hodierne pangimini [Illegible: resere secunda melodia incipit e libro??] Sequentia 53:17 fc41
I-VEcap 107
73r 03
Christi hodierna [Alia] 53:17 fc41
I-VEcap 90
59v 05
Xpi odierne pangimini omnes una [none] 53:17 fc41