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Organicis canamus modulis

F-CHR 520
Chartres, Bibliothèque municipale, 520 (destroyed)
Organicis canamus modulis
De S. Iohanne vel de uno Confessore
Cantus ID
Analecta Hymnica
Indexing notes
Here ends the series of sequences. There follows (309v-320r) a series of Ordinary tropes, beginning with Sanctus tropes, several Agnus chants, some lectiones, including a bilingual lection for St. Stephan.


Concordances for Cantus ID ah53242: Displaying 1 - 51 of 51
Siglum Incipit Rubrics AH Notes:1 Notes:2 Notes:3
E-Mn 19421
42r 14
Organicis canamus [none] 53:242 fc61
E-Mn 288
103r 36
Orgnaicis canamus Alleluia 53:242 fc61
E-Mn 289
84v 67
Organicis canamusmodulis Alia Alleluia 53:242 fc61
E-Tc 35.10
125v 05
Organicis prisce canamus modulis De sancti iohannis 53:242 fc61
F-CHR 520
382r 60
Organicis [canamus modulis] (inc, only) In natale sanctorum martyrum processi et martyniani (381v) 53:242
F-CHR 520
309r 47
Organicis canamus modulis De S. Iohanne vel de uno Confessore 53:242 fc61
F-CHR 520
374r 56
Organicis [canamus modulis] In die ad missam (373v) ...sancti Iohannis baptiste (372r) 53:242 fc61
F-CHR 520
436v 70
Organicis [canamus modulis] (inc. only) In die ad missam (Simonis et Iude, 436r) 53:242
F-LG 2
137r 032
Organicis canamus modulis Iohanni Iohannis apostoli et evangeliste 53:242 fc61
F-O 129
166r 27
Organicis canamus modulis nunc Iohannis sollempnia Iohannis evvangelista 53:242 fc61
F-Pa 608
396v 086
Alleluya. Organicis canamus modulis Sancti stephani prosa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 10508
111v 48
Alleluia. Organicis canamus modulis Item 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1084
237r x019
Alleluia. Organicis canamus modulis in iohannis sollempnia Sancti Iohannis evangelistae 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1118
159r x026
Alleluia. Organicis canamus Alia 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1120
113r 13
Organicis canamus Prosa de sancto Iohanne 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1132
132v b02
Organicis canamus modulis Sancti Iohannis [rubric on 132r] 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1136
18v p05
Organicis canamus modulis nunc iohannis De sancto iohanne 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1139
154r e06
Organicis canamus Sancti iohannis (153v) 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 17312
196r 03
Organicis canamus modulis Iohannis [none] 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 778
58v 16
Organicis canamus modulis Quicque in suis sanctis In sancti iohannis prosa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 779
21r 12
Alleluia Organicis canamus In natale sancti Iohannis (19r) ... Prosa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 887
102v x13
Organicis canamus modulis Sancti Iohannis 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 903
184v p12
Alleluia. Organicis canamus De sancto iohanne evangelisa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 904
244v 84
Organicis canamus modulis nunc [De uno martyre] sequentia 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 904
210r-b 52
Organicis (rubric only) Translatio sancti Benedicti abbatis 53:242
F-Pn 905
193v 50
Organicis (text incipit only) Festum sancti Blasii 53:242
F-Pn 9449
56r 37
Organicis canamus Nat sancti cirici (54v) ... prosa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn na 1177
56r b05
Organicis canamus modulis In natale sancti iohannis 53:242 fc61
F-Pn na 1235
225v 39
Organicis canamus modulis [none] 53:242 fc61
F-Pn na 3126
37v b34
Organicis canamus modulis cirici sollempnia Prosa de sancto cirico 53:242 fc61
F-Pn na1871
107v x031
Organicis canamus modulis in iohannis sollempnia Ad vesperes 53:242 fc61
F-Rm 249
168r 07
Organicis canamus modulis nunc iohannis sollemnia S. iohannis apostoli 53:242 fc61
GB-Cu add710
99r 082
Organicis canamus In natali i’ martiris. Sequentia 53:242 fc61
GB-Lbl 2.B.IV
148v 29
Organicis canamus modulis nunc iohannis solemnia In Natali unius martiris 9145v). seq. 53:242 fc61
GB-Lbl Cot.Cal A.xiv
71r 42
Organicis canamus modulis [none] 53:242 fc61
GB-Lbl add.11414
293r 069
Organicis canamus modulis In nativitate unius martiris sive martiris et pontificis 53:242
GB-Lbl add.12194
139v 31
Organicis canamus modulis nunc In nathali unius martyris Sequencia 53:242 fc61
GB-Lbl add.16905
273r 56
Organicis canamus modulis in stephani sollempnia In invencione sancti stephani 53:242 fc61
GB-Ob B775
138r t04
Organicis modulis canimus Iohannis sollempnia Item prosae de sancto Iohanne evangelista 53:242 e03
GB-Ob lat.lit.b.5
11v 012
Organicis (rubric only) Sancti Silvestri 53:242
GB-Ob lat.lit.b.5
101r 094
Organicis (incipit only) Sancti Albani martiris 53:242
GB-Ob lat.lit.b.5
12v 015
Organicis (rubric only) Sancti Edwardi regis 53:242
GB-Ob lat.lit.b.5
96r 084
Organicis Sancti Georgii martiris ... quere in fr. iii. sept. pasche. sequencia 53:242 fc61
I-Ac 695
64v a15
Organicis canamus Sancti Iohannis evangeliste 53:242 fc61
I-BAca (199)
285v 171
Organicis canamus (incipit only) De sancto Clemente 53:242
I-BAca (199)
232v 094
Organicis canamus modulis In inventione sancti Stephani sociorumque eius 53:242 fc61
I-BV 35
12v 08
Organicis modulis sanctorum Sanctorum Sebastiani et Fabiani 53:242 fc61
I-Ra 123
242c 42
Organicis canamus modulis In natale sancti Stephani pontificis sequentia 53:242 fc61
I-Tn F. IV. 18
137v 25
Organicis canamus modulis In sancti Martini Episcopi 53:242 fc61
I-Tn G. V. 20
144r 20
Organicis canamus modulis Eodem die sancti Martini 53:242 fc61
I-VEcap 107
109v 43
Organicis canamus Alia 53:242 fc61