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Organicis [canamus modulis] (inc, only)

F-CHR 520
Chartres, Bibliothèque municipale, 520 (destroyed)
Organicis [canamus modulis] (inc, only)
In natale sanctorum martyrum processi et martyniani (381v)
Cantus ID
Analecta Hymnica
Indexing notes
Incipit only, with notation.


Concordances for Cantus ID ah53242: Displaying 1 - 51 of 51
Siglum Incipit Rubrics AH Notes:1 Notes:2 Notes:3
E-Mn 19421
42r 14
Organicis canamus [none] 53:242 fc61
E-Mn 288
103r 36
Orgnaicis canamus Alleluia 53:242 fc61
E-Mn 289
84v 67
Organicis canamusmodulis Alia Alleluia 53:242 fc61
E-Tc 35.10
125v 05
Organicis prisce canamus modulis De sancti iohannis 53:242 fc61
F-CHR 520
382r 60
Organicis [canamus modulis] (inc, only) In natale sanctorum martyrum processi et martyniani (381v) 53:242
F-CHR 520
309r 47
Organicis canamus modulis De S. Iohanne vel de uno Confessore 53:242 fc61
F-CHR 520
374r 56
Organicis [canamus modulis] In die ad missam (373v) ...sancti Iohannis baptiste (372r) 53:242 fc61
F-CHR 520
436v 70
Organicis [canamus modulis] (inc. only) In die ad missam (Simonis et Iude, 436r) 53:242
F-LG 2
137r 032
Organicis canamus modulis Iohanni Iohannis apostoli et evangeliste 53:242 fc61
F-O 129
166r 27
Organicis canamus modulis nunc Iohannis sollempnia Iohannis evvangelista 53:242 fc61
F-Pa 608
396v 086
Alleluya. Organicis canamus modulis Sancti stephani prosa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 10508
111v 48
Alleluia. Organicis canamus modulis Item 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1084
237r x019
Alleluia. Organicis canamus modulis in iohannis sollempnia Sancti Iohannis evangelistae 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1118
159r x026
Alleluia. Organicis canamus Alia 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1120
113r 13
Organicis canamus Prosa de sancto Iohanne 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1132
132v b02
Organicis canamus modulis Sancti Iohannis [rubric on 132r] 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1136
18v p05
Organicis canamus modulis nunc iohannis De sancto iohanne 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 1139
154r e06
Organicis canamus Sancti iohannis (153v) 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 17312
196r 03
Organicis canamus modulis Iohannis [none] 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 778
58v 16
Organicis canamus modulis Quicque in suis sanctis In sancti iohannis prosa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 779
21r 12
Alleluia Organicis canamus In natale sancti Iohannis (19r) ... Prosa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 887
102v x13
Organicis canamus modulis Sancti Iohannis 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 903
184v p12
Alleluia. Organicis canamus De sancto iohanne evangelisa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 904
244v 84
Organicis canamus modulis nunc [De uno martyre] sequentia 53:242 fc61
F-Pn 904
210r-b 52
Organicis (rubric only) Translatio sancti Benedicti abbatis 53:242
F-Pn 905
193v 50
Organicis (text incipit only) Festum sancti Blasii 53:242
F-Pn 9449
56r 37
Organicis canamus Nat sancti cirici (54v) ... prosa 53:242 fc61
F-Pn na 1177
56r b05
Organicis canamus modulis In natale sancti iohannis 53:242 fc61
F-Pn na 1235
225v 39
Organicis canamus modulis [none] 53:242 fc61
F-Pn na 3126
37v b34
Organicis canamus modulis cirici sollempnia Prosa de sancto cirico 53:242 fc61
F-Pn na1871
107v x031
Organicis canamus modulis in iohannis sollempnia Ad vesperes 53:242 fc61
F-Rm 249
168r 07
Organicis canamus modulis nunc iohannis sollemnia S. iohannis apostoli 53:242 fc61
GB-Cu add710
99r 082
Organicis canamus In natali i’ martiris. Sequentia 53:242 fc61
GB-Lbl 2.B.IV
148v 29
Organicis canamus modulis nunc iohannis solemnia In Natali unius martiris 9145v). seq. 53:242 fc61
GB-Lbl Cot.Cal A.xiv
71r 42
Organicis canamus modulis [none] 53:242 fc61
GB-Lbl add.11414
293r 069
Organicis canamus modulis In nativitate unius martiris sive martiris et pontificis 53:242
GB-Lbl add.12194
139v 31
Organicis canamus modulis nunc In nathali unius martyris Sequencia 53:242 fc61
GB-Lbl add.16905
273r 56
Organicis canamus modulis in stephani sollempnia In invencione sancti stephani 53:242 fc61
GB-Ob B775
138r t04
Organicis modulis canimus Iohannis sollempnia Item prosae de sancto Iohanne evangelista 53:242 e03
GB-Ob lat.lit.b.5
11v 012
Organicis (rubric only) Sancti Silvestri 53:242
GB-Ob lat.lit.b.5
101r 094
Organicis (incipit only) Sancti Albani martiris 53:242
GB-Ob lat.lit.b.5
12v 015
Organicis (rubric only) Sancti Edwardi regis 53:242
GB-Ob lat.lit.b.5
96r 084
Organicis Sancti Georgii martiris ... quere in fr. iii. sept. pasche. sequencia 53:242 fc61
I-Ac 695
64v a15
Organicis canamus Sancti Iohannis evangeliste 53:242 fc61
I-BAca (199)
285v 171
Organicis canamus (incipit only) De sancto Clemente 53:242
I-BAca (199)
232v 094
Organicis canamus modulis In inventione sancti Stephani sociorumque eius 53:242 fc61
I-BV 35
12v 08
Organicis modulis sanctorum Sanctorum Sebastiani et Fabiani 53:242 fc61
I-Ra 123
242c 42
Organicis canamus modulis In natale sancti Stephani pontificis sequentia 53:242 fc61
I-Tn F. IV. 18
137v 25
Organicis canamus modulis In sancti Martini Episcopi 53:242 fc61
I-Tn G. V. 20
144r 20
Organicis canamus modulis Eodem die sancti Martini 53:242 fc61
I-VEcap 107
109v 43
Organicis canamus Alia 53:242 fc61