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Siglum Summary Date/Origin Image Link Chants/Melodies
US-KClbsc M2147.C53 1500z Spanish gradual and kyriale dating approximately from the late fifteenth century, with some office chants. Contains four-, five-, and six-l… 15th century (1475-1500)
US-NYcub Barnard 1 Mid-fourteenth-century Franciscan antiphoner from central Italy (possibly Siena). Square notation on a red four-line staff with F- and C-cl… 14th century
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US-NYcub Plimpton MS 034 Franciscan (Clarissan) processional from the Urbanist Clares of Brussels. 1351 (date in colophon). Square notation on a red, four-line staf… 14th century (1350-1375)
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US-NYcub Plimpton MS 041 Benedictine antiphoner from San Pietro in Perugia (Congregation of Santa Giustina of Padua). 1450-1475. 171 folios. 565 x 400 mm. Square no… 15th century (1450-1475)
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V-CVbav B.79 Twelfth century antiphoner of St. Peter's, Rome, containing the Old Roman repertory of liturgical chant. Central-Italian notation on a dry-… 12th century
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V-CVbav Capp.Sist. 27 Antiphoner copied during the reign of Pope Julius II (probably 1510) for use in the Sistine Chapel. Staff notation. Covers only the beginni… Rome 441
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V-CVbav 8737 Franciscan breviary from central Italy. Possibly thirteenth century, after 1232. 215 x 152 mm. Central-Italian staff notation. Cathedral Cu… Italy Images 3670
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